Experiences with Movies?

Before watching Robocop (The remake) me my brother and his friend went to the mall next to the movie theater. When I realized I had lost my ticket we had to search every store we had visited in the mall. Luckily we where able to show the ticket people at the Movie theatre the recite and they let me in.

Have you guys ever had a similar experience with a movie?


I once snuck into the theaters, but someone ratted me out and I got chased by the S.W.AT. and there was a gun fight so I used my spider powers to escape but then a meteor came and destroyed the entire planet.


seems legit.


I was almost kicked out the theater while watching Robocop with my friends.

I kept saying NANOMACHINES, SON.


I had to watch The Lego Movie all by myself. D:


For a while I was really short as a kid, so I always had a taller person in front of me. Eventually that changed after my growth-spurt, but I still find it quite annoying.

I also hate it when a person who watched the movie dozens of times starts reciting every word to the movie. It's so annoying. frowning


Well then you don't want to see The LEGO Movie with me

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I hate when a little kid starts kicking the back of your seat in the theaters and you tell the little kid to nock it off and everyone looks at you like your a idiot.


Good one: Before Mockingjay part 1, my friend, his cousin, and I went to the arcade inside the movie theater. There, they had a really fun Terminator light gun shooter, and we put in about 30 bucks worth of quarters into it.

Bad one: While my dad and I went to see Unbreakable (which I recommend to you all), we sat in front of the most emotionally unstable person in the WORLD. I know the movie is really sad, but when you are at a movie theater, it is good to keep your tears to yourself. Now, this lady was just BAWLING, and CRYING, and BLOWING HER NOSE the whole time! It was suuuuuuuuuuper annoying! I can't get over how annoying she was! I saw the movie about a week after it came out, and this lady STILL annoys me to this day! I am not kidding she was that bad! My rant is over. Please return to your regularly scheduled program. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

To @Chronicler
In real life, we most likely wouldn't be friends. I recite lines from movies all the time! smile


See, all of these are reasons why I have been to the movie theater less than 5 times in my life. We just wait until the movie comes out on DVD, then watch it at home.

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When I went to see Big Hero 6 for the first time I had to sit at the edge of the theater...my neck got sore after a while.

In terms of good experiences though...I got to see the Doctor Who season 8 premier in theaters.

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I went to see Big Hero 6, and as soon as the building caught fire, a little kid behind me started crying, and continued to do so for the entire movie.


Hey, I was sad when his brother died, too.



I haven't seen Big Hero 6 yet.

He did use the "spoiler" ability stuck_out_tongue


I doubt you cried for the rest of the movie brah


I didn't. Still, it was considerably sad.

It was
I was pretty bummed

Then disney pulled a lion king and tried to make us forget about it by introducing baymax

darn disney.

but at the same time

it was brought up again, and led to one of my favourite scenes

So I will excuse it.


Someone kept kicking my head when I went to see Age of Ultron.
My head still hurts...

Also, when I went to see Big Hero 6, I had gotten up to leave with my family, and someone tripped me when I was walking down the stairs. Luckily, we weren't that far up the stairs, so I didn't fall that far.

Movie theater experiences for me?


Neither have I

my sister has informed me I must see Big Hero 6