Experiments for my bionicle story

Krios-was a small, green oddity of a creature. Matoran, by nature, had always been industrious, building cities that spanned further than the eye could see, and towers and skyscrapers that pierced the heavens. At least, they used to. In recent years, a string of tragic events had occurred, events that had lead to the downfall of the greatest and last kingdom of Matoran and dominion of Helios in (name of land).
Krios was a Le-Matoran of small stature, who wore bits of jet-black and silver armour to accompany the natural green of his skin. His mask was one of swept-back design, common among his neighbors. he lived on a small jungle island, just off the coast in a hut of wood and bamboo, along with the aforementioned neighbors. This island floated alongside nine others, situated in two circles, six around three around a center island. The outskirts of this center island, known as Centyl, served as a trading hub between the residents of all ten islands. Most, such as the home of Krios and his green brothers and sisters, were predominantly jungle, although some were simply arid wastelands and nearly uninhabitable deserts. Centyl, though, was a unique case. Whilst all the other islands had been explored to the best abilities of the matoran, Centyl remained almost entirely mysterious. Most Matoran took care to avoid the deciduous forest that was situated in the center of the island, for fear of a dark presence that seemed to reside there. All the same, they braved the trek around the forest without fear, for they knew that the Toa would always be there to protect them. They always had been, after all, for the eighteen years they had lived here, and presumably in ages long past as well. Of course, that last part was simply speculation on the part of the matoran; none of the were old enough to know. An outsider might find this a curious situation, and indeed it was, for the toa had never provided an explanation for the lack of matoran over the age of eighteen.

Presently, 38 Le-matoran rested upon a golden beach of their island, Sahana, listening to a lecture of Toa Noro. The clever and studious matoran stereotypically occupied the front-most area, and the interest diminished the further back the matoran sat. Noro was one of Krios’ favourite toa, for a multitude of reasons. Krios also found the subject matter intriguing, and paid the lesson an unusual amount of focus, at least for a matoran who had none.

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