Explain the Quote

Howdy folks, here’s how this game works;
Person A provides a made up quote.
Person B provides context for the quote, followed by a new quote.
rinse and repeat.

“What do you mean you stole from the the Polish mob?”

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I mean I took their guns. It really isn’t complicated.

“Were you at that party yesterday? The one in Philadelphia?”

What are you talking about jerry, it’s the middle of the apocalypse!

“Two stones with one rock!” -throws Dwayne Johnson-

That’s a lotta damage! We hope Dwayne’s alright. Now over to our correspondence!

“Its not what you got but what you do with it that makes you, An Inika hero.”

well what you have is a light-up weapon that at least can have it’s batteries replaced, unlike some other 2006 light-feature-parts.

“The Christmas Light, it’s inside you, i can see it.”

Mariah Carey is secretly a xenomorph

“explain the quote”

a game in which you explain a quote

“A gift of a peloton warmed his soul”

for about ten seconds and then he died
“I dare you to climb that ladder.”

Said Major Zero to Naked Snake in Metal Gear Solid 3.

“You have 10 seconds to explain where you found that banana bread!”

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No I don’t. All I have to explain is the quote. Just did. Get good.

“Fluffy pink unicorns are a popular status symbol among macho men.”


stable masculinity, as always.

“say pohg not pog”

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There’s no difference. The h is silent.
“Look out below!!”

I didn’t look out. Now my foot is sticky ewwww.

“The random sentence generator generated a random sentence about a random sentence.”

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Somebody made use of a random sentence generator, or they are merely claiming that for the sake of messing with people.

“They form the mechanically separated chicken into a series of shapes, cover it in a flavored breading, flash fry the chicken, freeze it and put it into the packaging, and that’s where babies come from.”

How It’s Made: Infant

“Swallow me whole, Luigi”

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Ghid’s nintendo obsession grows to new heights

“Eggbert! WHAT do you think you are DOING with that EGG! THAT is CANNIBALISM!”

Everything in this room is eatable.Even i’m eatable.But that is called canabalism,my dear children,and it is frowned upon in most society’s.

BIg brain two quotes

“ThE kEy To NoNGu?”

Nongu forgot a key, and everyone forgot that he had one.

“This is not the way!!!”

Says Uganda Knuckles when he’s tired.

“I never want to hear you say, ‘I want it that way!’”

any chance you could TELL ME WHY you never want to hear me say such a thing?

“gathered friends listen again to Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Official Music Video) - YouTube