Explorer Unit 02: KEN

Explorer unit KEN

transmission link: TERU-542-DM-5s

:/KEN: KEN to Automator, requesting access to OMNUS. Access
code is DM-105.

:/Automator: Running Priority Program.

registered sound: machine processing

:/Automator: Access to OMNUS granted. Redirecting now.

:/OMNUS: OMNUS to KEN, transmission acknowledged.

:/KEN: I have run into an unlikely situation on the surface
of Terrestrial Sphere TR4. The results did not occur according to calcuation.
Explorer Initiative may have to be terminated.

*registered sound: N3 Impulse Charge, fired from
transmitting unit*

:/OMNUS: Negative. Explorer Initiative is vital to the
fullfillment of our existence. It may not be terminated.

:/KEN: Acknowledged, however, I will be unable to execute
the remainder of this Initiative. My power cell has been badly damaged in
combat with an Organic.

:/OMNUS: ...Acknowledged. We will enlist further units. We
estimate that we can send another TERU unit to your location within 6 days.

:/KEN: I calculate that I will no longer be functional at
the end of that time frame.

transmission ended

Explorer unit KEN
Explorer unit KEN
Explorer unit KEN
Explorer unit KEN
Explorer unit KEN


don't know about them Onua shovels but this is good

I like it, the gun is awesome

Ken as in Ken?

It looks really good tho


can you make barbie too?


Looks nice and bulky. I like the rifle too.