Exports/Trades for Each Region [Worldbuilding]

Here are my ideas for the exports and trades for each regions. (I don’t remember what the names of the regions are in G3, so I just used the G1 equivalents.)


  • Metalwork
  • Ore refinery
  • Animal/Rahi products
  • Meat
  • Fur
  • Leather
  • Agriculture
  • Apothecary/herbs?
  • Candles?
  • Land trade
  • Mining
  • Carving?
  • Power/mass production
  • Air transport
  • Textiles?
  • Sea trade
  • Fishing
  • Coral/pearls?

What if Po-Koro specialized in land transport as well? And what if Ga-Koro and Le-Koro were to work together to create massive sky barges used for bulk transport (delivering goods and services en masse)?

What if Ga-Koro and Onu-Koro were to work together in the field of medicine, collecting and purifying medicines to have maximum effects?

What if Onu-Koro and Po-Koro helped in constructing emergency passageways and tunnels in the event of an island-wide catastrophe?


That is what I meant by “land trade”. They would specialize in both trade and transport over land.

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Perfect. Though, I also see them kind of as ranchers, so maybe so Rahi trading would be appropriate as well.


Honestly making up those things seems incredibly superfluous to me, and just world building for the sake of world building. I haven’t checked Brickonicle for a while, but wasn’t it supposed to be a pseudo realistic Lego line?

Still though, most of these trades look fairly believable for the environment.

G1 also had this though.

Are you referring to the trading in MNOG 2? If so, yeah there was stuff like this in G1 but never in the main story media or anything like that.
The trade thing seems like an unnecessary subtlety to me even in those G1 things anyway…

No, I mean in MNOG. In Ga-Koro, you had fishing, astrology, and sailing. Po-Koro had farming, sports, merchants, and carving.
It’s not like this will be the focus of the story, but even back in G1, people had to discuss this.

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Good ideas all! I’m not sure how vehicles would work if this is a fantasy world, maybe elementally-powered engines and the pilots need to have some sort of power to help monitor and control them?

Definitely elementally powered. Not sure how, but definitely elementally powered.

That’s a good idea. They could probably be the traders in domesticated Rahi-related exports, while the Ko-Matorans get their Rahi goods from hunting Rahi.

TTV was talking about this topic on the latest podcast, so I thought I’d share my ideas on the topic.

I don’t know if there really would be vehicles? The Ga-Matorans would have sailboats, of course, and the Le-Matorans would travel via their sky Rahi. I suppose the Matoran from the other regions would travel with Rahi from their regions, as well.

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ono-koro should also export minerals.

TTV already said that they want Po-Koro to be the ones exporting minerals instead of Onu-Koro.