Extreme Centaur WIP Updated

By extreme, I mean that it needs a lot of work.

I'm actually quite satisfied with the design, but I'll be the first to admit that the colors are all over the place.

I was just trying to put something cool together, and once I thought of concentrating on colors, I thought, "Ain't nobody got time fo dat!"

I unintentionally (in my opinion, anyway,) made it look relatively feminine, so I'm going with that.

@MyAlexDk, the hype train is making it's first of many stops.

While there are still a ton of spots where it can improve, at least I think this one is better.

I gave him a Megaman arm because I could. All of the printed/stickered parts will probably change eventually.

I tried to control the colors more on this one. Also, the back feet are undecided. I only have two black Ben 10 feet. My other two are red

Again, lease give me suggestions, because it'll be easier to implement them now than when it's finished.


I wish he had coherent parts, colors and a texture.... sorta more like a frankenstien thing.

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Digitigrade legs would be nice

ya'know, I really wish you did..

it has two tails, the mata hands look strange for feet, the hands are pretty bad and the Rhakshi head doesn't really fit with the build. I really don't mean to sound super negative, but this guy(gal) could use a bit of work :wink:


The mata hands will probably be switched out for Ben 10 feet, the hands will be changed but I don't know what to, the two tails will probably stay but will be swapped for different parts, and the rahkshi head if the only one I have that looks remotely feminine, so that's staying.
@JMP The colors will be changed later.
@Rockho But horses have hooves....


It looks...odd, maybe the finished version will be better but right now...not a fan.


Like I said, horses have hooves.... I think that those would be considered somewhere in between.

The colors are out of control, but hopefully it looks better when its done

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How do you call the three-jointed leg with a foot? just askin'...

Looks a bit jumbled to me, but the concept is great. :smile:

To be completely honest, the MOC is a giant mess.

The incoherent color scheme is probably its biggest issue, as it creates a model that's somewhat hard to see.

I think the build itself is pretty meh, with an abundance of open pins, axles, and gaps littered throughout the MOC. I'm also not a fan of the overall appearance of the Centaur. It just looks extremely awkward. As stated by @Rockho, the legs just aren't horse-like. The "hooves" get the overall idea across, but they're kinda odd-looking. The Throwbot arms, although unique, doesn't really look like the tail from the actual creature. The arms are custom, which is an aspect of the MOC that some might compliment, but I think they're a bit too thin. I'm also not the biggest fan of some of the unnecessary greebles, like the Dragon Bolt lighting pieces and the Trans. Neon Green Technic pieces.


This is very accurate.


I have never read a sentence more true in my life. I mean look at the color scheme it's dread for. Also work on the legs they look a little off.
I think with "a lot of work" this could be a real groovy MOC.

Is this the Centaur version of Blanko 1.0 (made by JangBricks), get some new parts from Bricklink and ebay to make its colour scheme more coherent :smile:

I've already started working on the colors, trying to color it black, silver, and dark green. New pictures should be up soon.

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nice, all aboard the hype train :wink:

Concept and overall execution are handled well. You just need to get a more cohesive colour scheme

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I bet with a few spruces and tweaks, it can be really great looking!

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