Extremes: A Bionicle - Chapter 1 & 2

To clarify. This story should be considered an alternate reality based on G1. Many of the core historical events are the same, but characters are shifted around and there are other differences (Love is canon, along with reproduction. There are no Agori or Glatorian in this reality). The events I’m writing about occur about 2 centuries after this reality’s equivalent of The residents of the Mata-Nui robot evacuating to Spheres Magna.

Chapter 1


A wounded Skakdi wandered the wilderness, bleeding as he went. He used his spear to help keep him going until he found shelter.

“A cave. Perfect.”

He hobbled in. Once inside, he saw something glow. Squinting in its direction he went closer. It was a mask! Golden and glowing brightly. The Skakdi’s eyes widened. He recognized this mask. He reached out to grab it. As he picked it up, only one thought ran through his mind.

“I will live!”

Blue energy crackled around his body. Reworking it to the core. The Skakdi screamed, but his screams eventually gave way to laughter.

I’ve lived an interesting life. I lived in a small kingdom. My parents were advisers to the “Supreme Governor”. Back then. I spent most of my time listening to the discussions and meetings my parents attended. Secretly of course. My parents knew (Of course), but they didn’t mind. I’d often ask questions regarding decisions that had been made or new laws the Governor passed. Overall. I spoke little to anyone. I merely observed. Until the day the Kingdom’s capital was raided and my parents were killed. I and many others fled the Kingdom. I was alone, and crushed that my parents were dead. There was a short period afterwards when I wanted to die. Luckily for me, I’m very stubborn. Since then, I have spent many years training for what I’m about to do. I arrived at the gates of a large city surrounded by 50 foot walls. I was met by two black armored Toa. Each wielding a war hammer. I noted the purple colored markings on their masks indicating that they were members of the Onu-Guard. One of the them stepped closer to me.

In a flat voice he said, “Passport.”

I handed him my passport. A passport must be signed by one of the six Onu officers, if you want to gain entry to the capital. The process is purposefully difficult to help discourage potential enemies of the kingdom. But like I said. I’m very stubborn. After about four minutes, the guard handed back my passport and simply nodded his head in the direction of the entrance. I walked and quickly began to to retreat into my thoughts. Hopefully this will go smoothly. In my pack I carried a letter that was my ticket into Onu’s army. And maybe. Just maybe. The throne as well. After about an hour of questioning the locals, I located the capitol’s barracks. I walked to the entry and once again was met by to guards. After showing them my letter they guided me inside. We stopped in front of a desk where an Onu-matoran was studying a document. One of the guards tried to get the matoran’s attention.


The matoran’s head jolted up in surprise.


“This Toa has a letter signed by Kaj. It says that he’s supposed meet with the General. Can you get him?”

“Uh. Yes. I think he’s in the…”

He walked out of the room as he said this. The statement seemed to be for his own benefit then the guard’s. Now to wait. A couple minutes later, a tall Toa of Earth wearing a purple Pakari greeted me.

“Hello traveler,” He said. “I’m General Onepu. What have you come here to discuss?”

I let a small smile creep onto my face. A ticket right to the throne.

Thanks to @OraNui for helping me proof read. I’ll be actively continuing this story until I’m finished or people hate it so much that there’s no point anymore. Criticisms are encouraged.


Chapter 2

Well. Saying a ticket right to the throne may be over simplifying it. I was in room that looked to be Onepu’s office. There were documents everywhere. Many with illustrations of layouts of cities and and uninhabited areas. The General was looking over my letter carefully. Searching for any signs of forgery.

“You’re name is, Sonus?” He asked in a voice higher then you might expect from the General of Onu’s army.

“Yes,” I said. Keeping my voice polite, but firm.

“And Kaj, sent you?”, he said in a voice higher then you might expect from the General of Onu’s army.


“Says here that you helped him in maintaining order in Korero. Is that true?”


“Tell me about how this happened.”

I’ve heard that the best lie has some truth mixed in. What’s even better, is when the story you need to tell, is the truth.

“I became a wanderer after my home kingdom fell apart. So, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know how criminals do their work. And I can’t say I’m a fan of that work. I helped Kaj identify and hunt down those criminal threats until he trusted me enough to make it my job.”

Onepu had been observing me intently. If I gave any reason for him to believe I was lying, he’d have me executed by tomorrow morning. The Toa reached down behind his desk and brought out a writing stylus and a blank piece of paper.

“And now you want to join our army?”

“Yes.”, I said. Nodding my head.

“Can you draw for me Kaj’s personal mark?”


This was the final test. Personal marks were only given to high ranking members of Onu’s army, and were only to be divulged to confirm one’s identity. Only someone trusted by Kaj would know his personal mark. I took the stylus in my left hand and the paper in my right. I’m far from being an artist, so I took my time to draw every detail the best I could. I handed back the paper to Onepu. He took a moment to examine what I had drawn. He put the paper down on his desk and stretched out his right hand. I did the same and shook.

Smiling he said, “Welcome to the army.”

I inwardly sighed in relief. Step two was complete.


cool story, I hope to see where this goes

but, I think some description of the main character is needed, I have no idea what sort of guy I’m supposed to be imagining (matoran, toa, etc)

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Welp, I’m out.


This was actually pretty good. But I’m a little confused as to who Sonus is right now.

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I didn’t want to introduce Sonus by listing every single detail, and instead tried to introduce him more through interactions with other characters. I can see how that makes certain aspects vague. I’ll address them in the next chapter.

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Intresting story, there are a few mistakes here and there with spelling and grammar, especially in this

Those were the only mistakes i spotted, most of which would be fixed with spellcheck. Other than that, great story, would like to see it completed

Huh. How did that happen? Thanks for pointing that out. Glad you enjoyed it.

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