Exx's Appreciation Topic

Gali was the first bionicle, got the slizers and roboriders before, looking at the previews of bionicle i thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Favorite Bionicle set is probably Brutaka because he's such an amazing build.

Karzahni set, which was never available in Norway. Rip in pepperoni.

Been building a lot of star wars, but havent made something I consider share-worthy just yet. Working on a bionicle version of Shellshock as well as an updated self moc inspired mostly by the fan art on here.

Favorite animal is BIRDS.



Query: How does being exxtrooper feel like?


Eaten any breadsticks lately? :smile:

If you could be a G2 Bionicle character for a day, Who would you be, why would you be that character, and what would you do?

Had to google Query.

Very interesting question, probably the most interesting questions so far which should grant you at least +80 cool guy points.

Its like an adventure every day, because you dont really know whats going on all the time and you have so many questions left unanswered. Its like wierd version of family feud on one of those conveyor belts with robots from star wars.

So by G2 im guessing the 2016 bionicle waves?

I'd be Kopaka and just spend the day being cool.

Because you know ice, and cold.

To summarize what I mean in a professional matter I've got canadian rasta rapper alias "snow" to educate ya'll on being cool.



vocab game on fleek


That's quite the analoguy. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for an awesome song I can only understand half of. This guy's awesome though! thnx :smile:

The guy at 3:37 kills the mood though. :disappointed:

But yes, I'd love to chill out as Kopaka too.

Oh, and G2 refers to all of Bionicle 2015, 2016, and 2017. :smile:

What is your favorite LEGO set?

What's it like living in Norway?

If someone were to draw you as a bird, what bird would you want to be drawn as?

When will this topic be renamed Exx's AMA?

What is your opinion of each and every TTV cast member?

Did you ever buy any of the LEGO Vikings sets?

Do you watch any LEGO stopmotion series on Youtube?

Who is your favorite musical artist?


How does it feel to be portrayed as an amorphous blob of cuteness?


I don't think they realize you are still a part of the podcast

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Not to play Mod, but though responding to a year old post isn't against the rules, it is not very recommended and often frowned upon. : )

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Yeah I just realized how old this topic is


Exx, you should play Kingdom of Loathing, you can be a PASTAMANCER!
It's like a necromancer, but with pasta.


I think @exxtrooper would love this find from the "Obscure/RIdiculous LEGO/BIONICLE Products" topic.


Ex is WAYYYY cooler than Smelljay.


My favorite lego set is probably Brutaka or the star wars imperial landing craft.

Living in norway is like england, but colder and there arent any snowdays. You ski to work and some part of it its illegal to go outside without a shotgun because polar bears will bully you.

I would be drawn as a blue bird.

Ask the mods.

Every cast memeber?

@TakumaNuva is Total bird bro and generally cool guy.

@Mesonak The former indiana jones of internet leaks, still good at everything he does.

@IllustriousVar He will fire me.

@Venom He will beat me up.

@Eljay He's a cute lil fuzzball made of anger and passion for bionicle lore, and he's so great.

@Kahi Is smart bro and always asks how im doing BECAUSE HE CARES

@Viper European friendo who is the only one who can relate to muh first world british problems, also confirmed funniest bunny

@prpldragon literally the coolest dragon ever made and her she art is AAARGGHHH SO GUUDD SDGDFGHREG

I did buy the lego viking sets and re-created scenes from every-day norway life like raiding villages and other family activites.

I used to watch the legoclan but thats it, most of them arent interesting enough.

I'm really wierd on music, i dont have that much passion for it, Im usually fan of songs rather than artists. I really like edIT, queen and eminem i guess.

Pretty amazing and Im in eternal debt to the one and only prpl.

He is?

That sounds right up my alley right there.

Brb ordering this.

You are pretty coolio too, cool beans.


Will you ever go viking?

I go full viking every day :exx:


@exxtrooper do you even csgo bro?

He has appreciation from me now, but a question for @exxtrooper do you. even. c.s.go. bro?

I did, but now I dont, sorry. :exx:

Exx, what is your opinion on Hero Factory?