Exx's Appreciation Topic

Absolutely torn I've finally started building again and its exhausting. Over the last couple of days I've gone through several versions of different parts of a mech I'm building and nothing that gets finished I end up liking.

Except for this railgun though but I still wanna die.

Though on one hand I feel a lot more productive building again as opposed to playing destiny or call of duty all day every day.

Anyways how are you?


rip i know the feel

thats a good railgun

i go back to school on wednesday
i barely got anything done that i wanted to get done over the break

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Hey Exx! What's your favorite...Lego set? color? food?

Literally me every break ever.

Favorite set? So many, boil in down to how excited I was when I first got it must probably be this thing:

By the time I got this thing I had already played that mars mission commander & conquer game for hours upon end and was thrilled to get this base in my hands for christmas.

Favorite color is green.

Favorite food is spaghetti because it removes all my upsetti.


We might be the same person, woaw.

Another question, what's your thoughts on the LEGO Ninjago movie? and how are ya doin man?

Dude I'm doing super duper okay right now just doing my daily slacking off for too many hours after uni before I divulge myself into going back to building and then completely losing track of time and then proceed to go to bed 5 in the morning.

Usually you'd replace that lego building part with video games but pretty much anything out right now has issues.

MWR has tickrate and server issues.
Infinite Warfare spaghetti weapon balance and fridge logic
The Division is doesnt feel rewarding enough and spaghetti pvp balance
Destiny ive clocked in 2000+ hours so I'm good for now
Overwatch my clan isnt online enough for me to play comp consistently
Battleborn, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield 1, Paragon, Pokemon Sun&Moon, Rocket League and GTA5 I all have personal issues with which prevents me from playing them.

I'm just crossing my fingers for Mass Effec: Andromeda, if the multiplayer has the same formula as the Mass Effect 3 one I'll play it until I die seeing as I had so much fun playing the first one.

On the subject of vidja gaems though if you're on PS4 you can now pick up Little Big Planet 3 on playstation plus for free to play as long as you like. Regardless of your opinion on the game it is a free AAA game therefore there really is no drawback in picking it up.

But on the other hand lego is going nuts! Nuts I tell you! All the sets, themes, everything going on with lego is spectacuar at the moment and nothing feels better than being a lego enthusiast at this brief moment in time. I'm having a blast online interacting in the different lego communities at the moment.

My thoughts on the lego movies is: sets, sets, minifigs, minifigs, minifigs, dragons.

I've never watched Ninjago therefore I am the only "guy who has no idea whats going on" perspective which will be interesting when we (hopefully) review the movie.

Anyway how are you man how was your cereal this morning?


It was pretty good for being hash browns, thanks for asking man.

Do you have a sig-fig?

What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Do you still MOC with CCBS?

Also thanks for following my flickr man, means a lot.

Sigfig is Prpls drawing but minifig form.

The worst thing ive ever eaten was a undercooked meat asian style on a stick thingy that i had at a food festival.

I kind of use CCBS on some system mocs and my self moc uses CCBS.

Flickr is neato burrito gotta follow those active dudes.


Speaking of burritos, what do you like in them?

When should we expect a new post from you on Flickr?

How are those Brickonicle figs doing?

I mean as long as they have meat, cheese and you got some guac on the side I'm good.

Flickr is a mixed bag, I've been close to making a return and finishing projects countless of times, but it always boiled down to me losing interest in projects as well as the source material the projects are based on falling into obscurity.

This refers to custom minifigs and mocs based on already established universes, which limits your artistic freedom. Whats usually happened over the years on flickr is I make a "return" to flickr for a couple months, finish projects on time then get sidetracked or lose interest and the cycle continues.

To avoid this, I've stopped building mocs based on already established universes entirely, and I'm deep into a now 12 month project establishing my own sci fi universe as well as military faction set in said universe. This will allow me to build upon something over time without any sort of time constraints as well as allowing full artistic freedom.

It was originally gonna be a single rail gun cannon, which in turn lead to the construction of a minifig piloted mech to wield said cannon, which in turn established a faction and buidling style for me to easily expand to become a entire military based faction. It went from 2 week project, to a month, to three months, to now 12 months.

In january I made a reference folder on dropbox as well as a note file for me to write down ideas whenever they come up in my head. My reference folder currently has over 750 images, I keep saving any concept art or image I find interesting and might give me ideas for later builds. Currently listed down are the ideas I've decided to build upon at the moment, but everything including names are subject to change.

Sci Fi Military faction:
Juggernaut Mecha 100% Done
Tank Transporter 100% Done
Covert Stealth Mecha 20% Done
Light Anti-Riot Mecha 50% Done
Mobile Battlestation Walker 10% Done
Thread Based Mecha 0% Done
Death Angel Mecha 20% Done

Rogue Post Apoc Faction:
Armored Tentacle Dragon 10% Done
Giant Armored Sabertooth Tiger 0% Done

Succubus Mecha 0% Done
Self Moc 50% Done
Anubis Godlike Mecha 0% Done

Cyberpunk downtown, exotic club + sketchy corner 0% Done
Sci Fi Military Faction Hidden Mountain Base 0% Done

Too many to even begin listing

All in all my return to flickr is gonna take a while. And I dont mean anytime soon, as when I get to the point in which a great deal of the Mocs are done begins another project of making behind the scenes videos of said mocs explaining the thought process behind the Moc, reference material used, techniques and parts of interest, as well making it look and sound interesting in the first place.

I haven't really talked too much about this with anyone but 2 of my close friends and a couple mentions to other TTV crew members, and mentions of it on the brickfeed podcast, partly because I want to show it all of when its done as a surprise rather than teasers or setting dates which might lessen the quality of what I'm working on. Too many times I've been in a rush to just finish it and post it online. I've used a single month each on the two mocs I've completely finished (though, there's been lots of waiting on bricklink orders as well as back and forth) and I'm intending on keeping this trend for the foreseeable future.

The Brickonicle figs are sort of in the same boat as the other big project going on. Though I'm partly haunted by the issues I wrote about earlier as its a project i'm rather limited in terms of what I can do. I want to get them finished as quickly as possible to keep doing my own project, but at the same time I want to be proud of my work as well, so I'm kind of caught in this little paradox.

Don't think you expected this long answer to such a send-off question, but for those who dig deep enough and are wondering where I'm at I guess this is a way to explain whats going on behind the scenes for those curious.

I'm not dead on flickr per se, I'm just taking a long time preparing my return. Because this time when I'm coming back, I'm coming back hard, and for good this time.



I'm hyped.

This sounds like some crazy neat stuff, and I really look forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Exx you are best senpai

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Exx, what is your opinion on the mighty season of Winter?

I'm happy, cause I got to tell Exx that I appreciated him at Brickfair.


Finally found a place where I can appreciate my senpai Exx

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I appreciate all of you, especially those brave enough to say hello to me in person, it was a blast!

Its necessary to weed out the weak.


@exxtrooper is my favourite TTV member by far, also after the rescent Gearbox podcast with Brendon and Molly, I like him even more.

He is very nice, lovable, and doesnt start pointless drama and fights on podcasts that derail it all and actually waste time. I listened to the 2h long gearbox podcast because despite talking about basically anything, this kind of derailing was awesome because they talked about interesting stuff from their perspective...also they curse which is completely genuine then censoring someone due to an excuse of having young kiddos watching your stuff (even though that never worked).

Am I the only one that feels exx was way more of a free bird and appreciated on the Gearbox Podcast instead of the TTV one where he bairly gets any time to say anything among even more agressivley talkative people.

Completely agree with everything on that podcast he stared in and is my favourite Gearbox podcast, largely due to him. He needs to return there at some point.

I respect you dude, you da best.

PS: TTV is wrong, I too eat those kinds of Noodles, they are way more common in Europe. Eatting one as we speak cause Im a moneyless student and those are cheap to get.


...and to fully temper the strong


I absolutely love his Mahri Nui mocs.