Èyùn, The Myrmidon (G2 Self-MOC)

This tsunami of images is rivaled only by the tsunami of text at the end of the post. It's not often I get to make geography references. I think I'll throw in a few more.
Six-digit grid reference
pyroclastic flow
this MOC's totally not based on Lon'qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening
tertiary economic activities
Wait, what was that second-last one?

Put simply, in case any of you don't know, because I didn't, a Myrmidon is a usually a shady mercenary- and also specifically in Èyùn's case.
To be precise, a myrmidon is a subordinate who unquestioningly follows orders of a powerful person. Èyùn worked as a mercenary to survive a Toa purge. . . but he worked against his brothers and sisters, and even slaughtered one. Realizing the error of his ways, he turned against his employers in a surge of inspiration- it was foolish, and his employers being the overruling faction of the Island (named Faiklen, not Okoto of course), he was covertly executed.

And yet, he was returned to this world as a Ghost Toa, and one of the very few to ever have been able to. A being of incredible potential, Èyùn has very few new abilities as of yet.

He can "phase", move his entire mass to any given direction, up to 2 meters at a time, which allows him to dodge during combat. Any more than 2 meters is exhausting.

Already being a Toa of Kinetics, as a "Ghost Toa of Kinetics," he can do a plethora of unique things- even effectively stop time in certain areas, but only for a second or two at a time, and then he usually faints.

... I could go on for quite a while talking about Èyùn, but I'll cut it here. I've received a very positive response from him on some other sites he's been posted on, but still: down below, keep it clean, keep it civil.


Looking quite good there... at first glance. He does have a fair share of problems. Namely, the chest should use more gold armor. The lower legs look a bit strange as well. Although I do like the sword, it looks quite good for a non-dedicated blade piece.


Cool! Can't think of any issues that @Hawkflight didn,t say.

Honestly, upon first glance, this is alright. Honestly, the limbs REALLY bother me on this one. The arms look so half-hazardly thrown together, that it looks like they can come apart easily. You could probably use similar armor, and have a stronger, sturdier design. Then there's the ankles, really not into those. Instead of probably coming up with a better design, you slapped armor over it, and it just simply doesn't work. I'd say you should make new lower legs. The torso is pretty decent though, and I REALLY like the weapon. Gali mask also fits as well.
So overall, not bad, but the limbs kill it for me.

Now here's a cool CCBS MOC! Great use of the mask.


Torso's all black with a little gold. Limbs are all gold with a little black. Torso needs more gold.
Lower legs too wide as I mentioned on the teaser pic, although I don't mind the wide forearms.
Mask seems too thin, accordingly.
Not bad.


I love the cape you gave him. It works really well.

That timestop ability is remarkable and completely useless.

Also, whatever happened to the King?


It's also completely illogical. If he stops time, how is it possible for him to resume it?


So first off- thanks, to everyone for your honesty and praise.

Indeed. Perhaps I should explain. He stops all kinetic energy by holding everything in place. This would take extreme focus and energy, hence he would faint. Upon him releasing the energy things would resume, so to speak. It's a very situational ability, so I can see why you might think it's useless at first.

It was spawned by a conversation I had with 0nuku here- https://www.flickr.com/photos/0nuku/15731983059/in/faves-125992935@N06/
At least the internet has people like you to call me out on my crap :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and Ekorak, I explained on Flickr that as I wrote about the King the personality he kind of developed was unlike me completely, and I couldn't stand my self-representation not really representing me at all, but Èyùn's began to be more and more like mine. At one point his character was cut altogether, but I felt that I should bring him back because he was more like me than I intended (and the King vice versa), so I thought it wiser to just give the title to Èyùn than the King now rather than later when I inevitably got fed up with him.
Hope I answered any questions.

Essentially, that's what it is. But say when somebody sees Èyùn do that. The don't say, "Hey, he ceased kinetic energy in that given area!". They go, "that guy just stopped time!"
Know what I mean? So it's just easier to call it that, time-stopping.
I didn't want to go off on a long rant too intimidating to read in the description.

Yeah. I'll fix him up good 'n' proper soon enough. Thanks! :smiley:


Ceasing kinetic energy is cool, and more creative a power than time-stopping.


Looks pretty good. Not sure how I feel about those giant fists as leg armor but they look alright. The feet I'm still iffy about and I'm not a huge fan of the mask. More gold in the torso and I think you'll be good to go. Also maybe you could use one of the new texture parts instead of the HF plating for the shoulders.

Noice moc

except for those arms

feel too long

Or maybe its the legs that are too short

They go to around the knees, so they seem about the right length.

They usually go to the mid-thigh, not the knees.

Here's Èyùn Version I.II. And a comparison picture with my G1 self-MOC!

The upper arm design belongs to Toa Leewan on Flickr.


That's awesome! I like the color scheme and the weapons!

I love how you used those armor pieces as feet smiley

Darn you and your Chima pieces

us Muricans don't have such fancy feet unless we want to pay the big $$


Ekimu tho.