F.A.D.O.D. - Frontal Assault Droid Of Death

This combat unit was built by a legendary droid engineer in the outer rim many moons ago. With its powerful twin-mounted blaster cannons, it can be the centerpiece of any assault mission. It's taken heavy damage over the years, and has had nearly all of its body replaced at some point or another. But through even the toughest battles, there's always enough left of him that can be repaired to fight another day. This is F.A.D.O.D. - the frontal assault droid of death.

note: I always get asked this, but the Bohrok eyes are attached to the fingers using Lego's 2mm rigid hoses.


Hm. The title seems accurate.

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Very nice, I like the appearance of the claws and some little details here and there.

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Dem claws though.
They look like they'll rip you to shreds.


Of Death is right! That'll rip you apart!

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I quite like how those claws are built.

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Thanks! I think the claws are definitely best thing about this guy, because otherwise he's a really simple build. But the oversized claws give him some much needed character.

I really like the hands


He looks really good. Nice job man.

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The Title and Name fits it very well.
Awesome MOC and shoulder cannons.