Fakla, the last survivor of the fire clan

He only lives to fight and destroy
His body was infected with fire when Surt destroyed his village and he seeks revenge.


Is it just me or is it hard to understand what I’m looking at? I would recommend a full sized body shot without a shield or something obstructing the view. Don’t mean to sound harsh just shootings some constructive criticism. :slight_smile:

The shoulder pieces on the chest gives a really unique look to it all and from what I can see great job!


It’s a curved moc with Lava Beast parts thrown in, the expose head from the beast mask and 2.0 foot kinda ruins the look but still fine in some angles.

I like the general build, especially the lower body. That being said, you would benefit dramatically from using a less cluttered background.

It could use some more focus on what textures you want, like there’s orange spikes gray spikes then the hero factory addons being sleek and vented.
The mask doesn’t really work with it either, maybe use the gunmetal umarak mask.

Nice uniboob.

But seriously, what is that?


*vertical uniboob.

Ok , 1stly odd choice for mask, I personally think it fits well but you can’t see any eyes
2nd nice build and why the uniboob