Fall of the Hero Factory, Part 2

Hello, this is Jerin again. Last time we had spoken, I was nearly captured, but I got away just in time… That was a few days ago.

All this moving and sneaking around Villain forces is really taking its toll on my body. Nothing has been easy after the great Breakout. It’s hard not knowing if I can find a decent amount of supplies for survival. I just really hope my family is alright. I hope they are still alive and well, and the Villains haven’t been harming them in any way.

Well, I’ve found a home that had been ransacked by some Villains, but there are still some supplies I can survive on… I’m very glad about that. The place is completely trashed, though. There is rubble everywhere and broken glass, destroyed furniture and displays of all kinds.

Hmm, if I can find the room where the former owners of this home kept their supplies, it would be a very great help.

Aha! It seems that I have found their storage area. Not much is left, but what is there should be good enough until I’m able to find some more.

It also looks like the place may suffice as a shelter for a little bit, though I doubt it’s safe here. There will most likely be a few groups of Hunters going around causing destruction just for fun. I’m going to have to just collect as many supplies as I can carry without slowing me down drastically when I leave.

The Villain Leaders have proclaimed that Makuhero City is will soon be “Off limits for Construction”… That means there may be squads of Searchers and Aracnix going around on patrol. That also means, if the City really is “Under construction”, then Villains may actually be clearing areas all over the City for whatever they want to do with it. If that’s true, then that means I won’t have very long to stick around.

So, I ’m going to have to gather the supplies and get out of here fairly soon… again. I’m going to have to move quickly, but quietly. Hopefully they don’t catch me in the process.

This is Jerin, signing off.

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