Fall of the Hero Factory, Part 3

Well, I’ve almost made it out of Makuhero City, but not without meeting up with a group of Hunters. Those creeps are everywhere. They aren’t as confined to more populated areas like the Searchers. Fortunately, there were only two Hunters and not a whole group of them. It was a little easier to deal with them because of their smaller number. Most will travel as small gangs, not very large groups

Another, well, I suppose, “good”, thing about meeting up with Hunters is that they will not notify any other Villains that they have found a Stray in a certain area, like I’ve stated before. I doubt they would want to anyway. They usually just go in and attack or ambush us and go in for the kill, which is exactly what they tried to do to me. But, I found a few things that helped me to defeat the Hunters.

While I was trying to find my way out of the very large city, while avoiding detection from Searchers, I found a nice black sword that I’m guessing used to belong to another robot before the great Breakout. I also found a piece of lower arm armor that was dark metallic grey and has black spikes on it. They were some interesting finds I’d have to say. I’m fortunate to have found them.

Then when I actually encountered and fought the Hunters, I used them for my advantage. I’m not sure how it would have ended without me finding the sword and arm armor. It probably would have ended fatally right then and there for me, I’m very thankful that I found them before I met up with those Hunters.

So, after a long while of fighting the Hunters, I finally killed them. I took them down one after the other. The first was a little tricky, but the second, smaller, one was a little easier to take down. The bigger one had a rifle that, surprisingly, he never used. After they were both dead, I took it. It had a silencer fitted on it already and was full of ammo. This will be very useful indeed!

Then I got rid of their useless robotic carcasses under a pile of rubble near the area where we battled. If any other Hunters or Searchers were to find the dead bodies of the two Hunters I killed will probably be surprised at their finding. The battle happened in an area that would seem fit to put up a new building, so if a group of Searchers were to find their bodies there, I’d like to see the expressions on their faces. I’m not sure what they would think, but I’m sure they would wonder how it happened.

Fortunately for me, I haven’t had to deal with any Searchers… yet.

Well… I suppose I should get going now. I don’t want to deal with any of those pesky Searchers.

I had also better keep searching for my family; I hope they are still alive. Hopefully I don’t get caught in the process.

So long for now. This is Jerin, signing off.