Fallen Soldier: Prologue

Welcome friends once again to hear the legends of the Bionicle. You have already heard the tales of the heroic toa and their crusade against evil, some of you were there to see the defeat of Makuta Teridax, and how the great spirit Mata-Nui used his dying breath to reunite Spherus Magna back into one. Many explorers went out into the new world and made many wondrous discoveries. I will tell many tales of these adventures but for now I shall tell you of a humble island called Le-Vuro. Now you might be wondering as to why, what does it have to do with us? Did it have something to do with the collision? It did, but to properly tell this story I'll need to give you some context. When Teridax took control of Mata-nui's body the minions of Makuta either perished or surrendered but there were few who rebelled and went into hiding and started planning to build another brotherhood but because it was too risky they decided to search for other worlds to begin their conquest and that’s how they found this planet. One particular scientist by the name of Tagonoff found a bit of interest in the inhabitants that dwell here. He had located his base of operations just off the coast.

"Fascinating things these humans come up with." Tagonoff stated while enjoying the buzzing sensation of the beverage as he absorbed it.

The container had an image of a creature that seemed to be the upper half of a human with two fish-like tails, he believed this was called a mermaid though why they would put it on their food was beyond him. From what he'd observed humans seemed to be addicted to this drink. His research had told him that it was supposed to give you lots of energy but he didn't feel any more powerful, only a little more awake than before. "Maybe it's a defective bach." He thought.

He stepped into a large room filed with medical equipment both human and matoran. At the end of the room there was a large spherical container.
There were many vahki, and cybernetic drones tending to the sphere.

"How long until the reconstruction is complete?" He asked one of the drones. "Sir. It should be a few more months until we have completed the procedure." The drone replied with a salute. "Very well continue."

Suddenly he heard a commotion coming from the hallway he had just come from. In ran a drone staggering from the many bruises and dents it had in it's armour. "Sir! Subject 15 has escaped from the containment zone!"

"Do you know where it's headed?" He growled. The happiness boost from the drink must have worn off.
"We calculate a 74% chance that it will make it to the main entrance before any troops can intercept it. There is also an emergency exit between it's last known location and the main entrance."
Tagonoff let out a deep sigh and rubbed his hand over his mask. "Send out the rahkshi."

The drone nodded and hurried over to a terminal on the wall where it punched in a few codes until the screen had a line selected: Unit R, activate?

The drone immediately pressed the yes option. "Let's get to the security room to keep tabs on the situation. You get to medical for repairs!" Tagonoff barked almost emotionlessly. "And someone get me another coffee!"

Kyle was growing tired. He had no idea where he was or what those creatures did to him but he was getting out of here.

He looked down at his arm. It was now just like the creatures that were experimenting on him. A mechanical exoskeleton was infused to the flesh with strange metallic ligament between the armour plates and ended at his elbow.

On his wrist were scratched two symbols in what he guessed was their language. One was a circle with a line going from the top to a dot in the middle, the other had five lines joining in the middle. 'I guess that would mean 15.' He thought.

He looked up at the top of the door in front of him. He noticed the writing in the same language. "Emergency exit." His eyes shot wide. "Wait? I can read that!?" Did they go poking around in his head? What were these things anyway? Why would they be experimenting on him like this.

"Well whatever the reason it's biting them on the tail now." He pushed the door in and walked into the small room. There were racks along the walls holding something that looked vaguely like a crossbow but with a glowing orb held at the end by three claws. At the end of the room there was a door with a big wheel in the centre kind of like on a ship.

Suddenly he heard a piercing screech fill the halls. He remembered the urgency of the situation and pressed himself against the door wheel to open it but it wouldn't budge.

He heard more screeches and notice what sounded like heavy metal foot prints coming closer. Finally the wheel turned slightly and he slowly pushed until it was unlocked.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Letting out a loud yelp he spun around.

Standing there was a tall yellow monstrosity. It had a lithe and agile build, unlike any of the creatures he'd seen already it looked mostly mechanical except for the snake-like head which had vicious spikes sticking off of it's back. The face seemed to have segmented parts revealing two beastial red eyes. It held a bladed staff in one hand and some electronic device in the other.

"You open that door and you'll kill yourself." The voice was coming from the device. Looking closely Kyle could see it had a camera and a speaker.

He grabbed one of the weapons from the wall and aimed it at the being but before he could pull the trigger, two red lights shot from it's eyes and the weapon burst into smoke and sparks and crashed to the ground uselessly.

'That thing has laser vision!?' He was cornered and clearly at a disadvantage. The being stepped forward slowly. With little options Kyle grabbed the door and slammed it in the creature's face.

As the monster was wailing in pain on the other side he lunged forward and pulled the escape door open.
However he was met with a wall of water that came down into his face. He was forced backwards into the door and his vision went black from the impact.

He began to feel weightless. As his eyes opened again he realized he was being pulled out into the ocean. Desperately he reached for the door but it was too late.

He was swept out into the open water, the air being ripped from his lungs.

Looking down he saw what was his fleeting chance at survival.

It was a large cluster of underwater towers and giant metal spheres. There were numerous lights and moving parts.

As he began to pass out he thought it looked like a group of robotic squids performing an elaborate dance.

With that thought his eyes closed.


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