Falmarin, Beacon of Courage (Version 2.0)

This is a MOC of mine I recently updated. I tried to work in some more customization than the last version to make a look that fit the character more. There are some areas of the MOC that I don't like that much for Falmarin's character. However, I thought I'd go ahead an display him on TTV with the chance of getting critiques or pointers.

Original version. More of an experimental draft than an official MOC. I carried several concepts from this version into the revamp.

Falmarin is a Draconian (humanoid dragon, basically) warrior of the
kingdom of Draconia. He has practiced fighting with his brother ever
since he was a child, and thus, as an adult, has grown into one of the
most powerful Draconians in the land. He has risen to the rank of elite
warrior in the army and has yet to lose a fight. Despite all his power,
Falmarin has a good heart. Kind, compassionate, friendly, and always in a
good mood, there are few things that can douse his spirits, which
flares with passion for the well-being of his people. Because of his
character, Falmarin is respected by soldiers and commanders alike, and
loved by the Draconian people.

More info on his skills and abilities here.

I will point out one structural flaw that I need to address: his waist does not support his top half well. He can hold certain poses for a while, but if leaned too far or shaken, he will flop a bit. Fortunately, there's enough other structure to keep him from flopping to far.

Favorite part of the MOC. I'm sure someone else has done something similar, but it's still awesome to look at. If you look in the last two pictures, you can see that the wings can fold up and posses the articulation to "flap".

I'll go ahead and throw this in here. I wanted to keep the muscular look his shoulders had previously and I needed to fix the problem of the mask pieces swinging freely anyway. His shoulders are now "band-loaded" to permit more articulation.

If anyone wants to see more shots of this MOC, let me know and I'll update this post.


General figure looks good, but the sides of the leg bug me and he may have a little too much red.

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I thought the red might be a bit overwhelming. Thanks for the feedback.

How do the leg sides bug you?

Hmm. I was hoping that would help make Falmarin look more muscular. But I suppose it is a little bit over the top. I'll try something else next time.

Ackar's ankle guards on the shins jut out.

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Really carries the dragon look across well, and the wings in particular look really cool too.

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It's an alright humanoid dragon! Sweet!

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Legs are awkward, but the head and wings are glorious!

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