Families and Elements in Brickonicle [Worldbuilding] [Pitch]

It has been said in the TTV Podcasts that there are families in Brickonicle, which implies some form of natural reproduction (mother+father=babies). However, they have never addressed the idea of mixed elemental races. For example, what if a male Earth Matoran and a female Water Matoran were to marry and have children? Would the children only inherit one element, or would they become hybrids?

This topic is only relevant if the first sentence in this topic is true.


If the 7 element rule didn’t exist, this could introduce new elements. Not a bad idea though.

I think the change to having no male-only or female-only regions, would lead to many matoran just keeping within their region. But if cross relationships did happen, I would say the element would come from the dominant side.

So if the female water matoran had more elemental skill than the male earth matoran, then the child would be water.


So, there would be absolutely no chance for a Matoran to be born with two elements?

I can’t see that happening. If it did, and that child had a child with a third element, it would keep getting too far into having a matoran with all the elements. The same would go for just mixing elements into a new one. And they’ve already said they don’t want other elements past the seven.

There could be limitations to it, such as a two-element maximum:

Punnet Square System: each couple can only produce four possible outcomes, even if both parents are dual-elemental.

  • Elemental/Blood Types: In human biology, there are four blood types (AA/AO, BB/BO, OO, AB) and two possible outcomes in the Rh system (+,-). In Matoran biology, there are seven elemental types (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Sand, Ice, Lightning), plus a neutral element (neutral) that represents the absence of elemental power.

  • Designations for future reference: Fire (F), Water (W), Air (A), Earth (E), Sand (S), Ice (I), Lightning (L), Neutral (N).

  • Pure Elemental and Pure Elemental: If a FF Matoran and a WW Matoran were to have children, there is a 100% chance their children will be FW.

  • Pure Elemental and Normal Elemental: If a FF and a WN Matoran were to have children, there are only two possible outcomes: FW and FN.

  • Two Normal Elementals: If a FN and a WN were to have children, there are four possible outcomes: FW, FN, WN, and NN (the complete absence of elemental power, normally results in death at a young age, with some exceptions).

  • Non-Elemental and Normal Elemental: If a NN and a FN were to have children, there are only two possible outcomes: FN and NN.

  • Non-Elemental and Pure Elemental: If a NN and a FF were to have children, there is only one possible outcome: FN

  • Two Dual-Elementals: If a FE Matoran and a AW Matoran were to have children, there are only four possible outcomes: FA, FW, EA, and EW.

I could see this being a good way to introduce other elements into the cannon, like Psionics, Gravity, and stuff like that.

I have doubts that TTV wants to have dual-element Matoran. As to deciding which element would come out of a mixed tribe couple, that can be handwaved with genetics. We don’t have to get into the nitty-gritty of it.

“Handwaved with genetics:” Not sure if that means explained by genetics, but that’s exactly what I did.

I did it so that no one else would have to.

I mean we shouldn’t have to explain it. Sometimes a couple will produce a child in the father’s element, sometimes the mother’s.

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Punnett squares still follow the dominant vs recessive traits. That’s why I see elemental energy being more dominant if the user is more skilled with it. If the parents were equal skill, then the dual element could have a chance, but I don’t think they want to go into that for G3.

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I think that one element would override the other, or maybe their element is tied to the region of their birth?


We could simply say that the ties to their elemental gods does not allow any children to be birthed

A concept I will gladly consider.

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I’m thinking that a Matoran can reproduce with any other Matoran of the opposite gender, the resulting child’s element will just be one or the other based on how their genes end up factoring specifically. For the sake of avoiding exceedingly dark/heavy subject matters, as well as simplicity, we should probably just make that random chance.

Additionally, in-betweens are too messy and would lead to a lot of trouble in explaining why most Matoran aren’t just some random mixed or secondary element.


I would like the see that al matoran are the same, but they just paint themselves in the colours of their region (unprobable real-life comparison: if everyone in Europe wore clothes with the colourschemes of their flag).
So the colourscheme depends on where they live or as which type of matoran they define themselves as.

In case of the matoran having elemental powers (it might be scrapped), the region where the child grows up, depends the element. As the child is surrounded by the element of that region. Maybe, matoran have an “elemental bucket” that needs to be filled and have two. The elements of these buckets depend on the parents. Which one fills up the quickest, becomes their element. Before this, they might be coloured silver or something


Why would worshipping a god prevent children? I believe the cast has already stated that families and biological children do exist.

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You realize this god exsists.

And this god is Directly connected with this person.

Like so much that this person can use a fragment of this gods power.

I am and like 2 magnets meeting unless they are specially atuned they would not be albe to interacted unless turned right.

The gods exist separately from the matoran, the matoran merely worship them just like any IRL god-human relationship. In G3, it has been stated that the matoran were created before the elemental gods by Ekimu, not by the gods, and were created as one race, not 6 separate elemental races. There is no logical reason why worshipping a god would prevent reproduction.

A valid argument.

I am still in on the Elemental energy they channel is part of the,…

I should make another PITCH about this concept

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I think that their power is a part of them, but does not differentiate them from the whole race besides what tribe they are a part of. I also think that what gods they worship should not be limited by their worship, so you can have priests of Uxar in the Sand Tribe appealing to him to keep the winds away and not stir up the sand, or priests of Ikir in the Earth Tribe using his powers to help with forging. Of course, due to their conflicting powers it would be more difficult for say, a Matoran of the Earth Tribe to appeal to Ketar, but it is possible, like I suggested in my elemental powers pitch.