Family Members You Dislike

Well based off the title, tell your stories down below or discuss them.

My uncle woke me up in the middle of the night to ask me if I wanted to go biking tomorrow. I said no.

He also talks too much. Also, my grandma talks a lot too but she gives me money and she is cool.


I really can’t describe my family without diving deep into topics that this message board does not allow.

Suffice to say I’m only on speaking terms with some of my family.

That I can respect.

My twelve year old sister is super argumentative and stressful to be around nowadays. Oh man.


I don’t think anyone of us outright dislikes certain family members unless there’s abuse goin on; at most there are only certain traits about them that grind our gears, like my grandfather who talks too loud all the time like he’s on a stage :stuck_out_tongue:


My list is too long so I’m just gonna say cousins and mom. Btw this ain’t just ugh they annoy me, they legitemely dislike me and the other way around lol.

My dad gets angered quickly and my sister can be whiny and irrational, they’re like a bomb when combined. I wouldn’t say I dislike them too much though.


Man I’d love to see some of these members of family read this topic.

I’m so edgy i do not liek relative doggo “drek” borkson

Pls do not read borkson I still love you I swear

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my sister is always super stressed about everything but it’s just kind of annoying so my family is perfectly fine

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My sister can be irritating at times, but other than that I have no real issues with anyone in my family.

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My brother is a mopey teenager, so that’s annoying.

although I don’t have to deal with him much because he’s on his computer all day

My ex step-father. Good thing hes gone. Also, some of my family members do some some questionable things.

Every member of a family wants only to be “cool” for you, but I must admit, the think with the uncle is weird…