Fan-made Magazine

24/01/2023 - I have been busy putting together a “FanZine” on photoshop. It was a personal pet project of mine and it was good fun. The magazine is still in a long development phase with changes and some possible proofreading but it will be published as a file and as a PDF once I have finished the entire magazine. Enjoy!:slightly_smiling_face:

Full Gallery (Flickr)
EDIT: More pages will be added to my gallery and will soon provide a full
PDF file format in the near future as my final product.

[Ibrahim Habeeb | Flickr]


13/06/2023 - Character Bios (Toa, Matoran, Makuta, and Teridax) now completed with older pages refinalised on Adobe Indesign. Turaga, Artahka, Karzahni, Bohrok species, and more under way.

5/12/2022 - Timeline double pages now released on my Album (NOTE: Pages are still disorganised visually but will soon be re-organised with page numbers).

30/01/2023 - Currently working on Toa Mahri bios.

24/01/2023 - The Makuta species biographies is complete.
The Toa Mata/Nuva is complete including biographies of the Toa Hagah, the Toa Mangai, the Toa Cordak, and the standalone Toa - Helryx, Tuyet, Dume, Naho, Nidhiki and Krakua.

My Visual Timeline of the Bionicle Mythos is shaping up but needed some specific requirements from in the forseeable future:

  • file of Piraka faces, heads and spines (2006)

Ooh this looks really cool! General layout is neat.


I did the category correction thing

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Thanks. I will soon share links to all the pages on Brickshelf and possibly on another image sharing site. So stay tuned!:sunglasses:

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Thanks lol. I wasn’t sure where to post.

looks really cool
dancing with the devil by triple posting like that

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ooo wow this looks super cool!

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That was my fault. Sorry.