Fanon Political Map

So I made a bad political map for the continent on which my story takes place.
Anyway, I thought I might as well post it here because "why not",

The whole image is 9000x6000, so it's worth enlarging. stuck_out_tongue


What's up with Zaneesh? stuck_out_tongue

One of the species in my storyline essentially isolated themselves there and were quite hostile to outsiders. As a result, all the other sections didn't want anything to do with them, hence why Zaneesh is so small.

I'm going out on a limb here when I assume that there is some tension between Zutal and Wudrick over that little island in between them. Am I correct?

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The edges of the continent and surrounding islands look really natural. Good job on that aspect.

Unfortunately, the shape of the continent is more reminiscent of an island and the regional/country borders aren't all that creative.

Do you mean Switzerland? Because Sweden is not really that small... Nor neutral...


its political so its good

Nah but seriously, this looks like a legit map. +1


What is this map for?

Is Voeul like the middle east?

It's more like a central metropolis-like region, with lots of large cities. It's a rich place due to the amount of trade between it and its neighbouring regions.

It's a map for the place in which my storyline takes place, like I said at the top of the post.
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Hello brother, give this topic a read for soup

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That makes a lot more sense than what I thought.