Fanstory stuff!

So past week and a bit more ive been drawing some locations to my G2 fanstory

And well, I will remake 3 of them so they would be drawn by hand with pencil 'n stuff

So here we go!

Acient Pillars
Thiese massive structures were created eons ago by something or someone. 3 symbols are visible

Great Desert
This huge land filled with sand was here since ages. Theres Guardian outpost located somewhere.. what secrets might it hide?

Terapungaya Islands
Swamp islands filled with wild life. I think ive seen fish on a pair of legs!

Terapungaya Islands (the Mace)
Mace is the highest island of this "district"



Very simple but unique style. What did you use to make these?

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First one is handmade (pencil and stuff)

Rest are made In notepad thing

All of thiese were later treated in neat editing program I have

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On a serious note, I find it amazing how you drew on graph paper that small for the first picture.


Well, its typical for me

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New stuff!

Outpost [WiP]
next version will include lil thing here

"Stone of Time"
one of sacred stones hidden somewhere on one of the islands. It seems to have thin gold stripes on it and some kind of symbol

And last thing... Illustration to story:


Awesome! what is the story called??

No name as for now

That's a really long title, I doubt people would like it.


You were already rekt once

Dont tempt

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New stuff! Again
Map of:


Nice as always!

Fite me yo (ง'̀-'́)ง

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1v1 rust