Favorite Bionicle.com Games

What were some of your favorite Bionicle.com games?

I remember playing them all the time. There's this site that has some of the old Bionicle.com games http://www.bringbackbionicle.net/games/index.html. I think their goal is to eventually get all of them on there at some point. I'm playing Piraka Attack http://www.bringbackbionicle.net/games/piraka/piraka.html at the moment. It's actually a pretty fun game! I'm almost done beating it. I would say that It's one of my favorites.


Mata Nui Online Game


Yes. I figured that would be the one most people like the most. It seems to be a common favorite to many.

The BioMediaProject is who I go to to play Bionicle games

I really liked Piraka Attack. It was probably the one I played the most at the time it was released (granted my computer ran it at like 1/3 speed stuck_out_tongue) and I thought it was well put together for an online game. The Mahri games were pretty cool too.

VNOG was my favorite game. I would always play that all the time. I actually felt sad when Lego removed it.

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Inika Island Assault. It takes the cake because I have never beaten it ever since I first played it in summer of 06. Now that's a hard game.

I think most people would probably say MNOG, MNOGII, and/or VNOG. I loved those games above all too, so I'll tell you my next favorite. I'd probably have to go with Piraka Attack or Battle for Power (Battle for Power was epic just cuz it had Gravity Hurts music playing in it xD).


I think I enjoyed the games from 2008 onward the most. So, stuff like the Battle for Power games (though the Mistika one was a lot more lacking than the Phantoka imo), Glatorian Arena 1 & 2 (Yes, I went out of my way to beat both of them, and Spikeball seriously is easy to win in) and Agori Defender.

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Definitely the Piraka interactive comic things - infact all the Inika games on Bionicle.com were amazing!

I liked the Toa Mahri mini games and Matoran Escape

I could never complete the final Mahri game. The Barraki always got me first.

I used cheats to beat all the Mahri games....except Nuparu.


MNOG..... that was so cool

My favorite was glatorian arena.
Wait, you were expecting MNOG? That game sucked.
Second favorite would be VNOG.

Voya Nui adventure was the best game (it was on Freetheband.com) even though the third level is literally impossible


the only one i played was Mnog

Anyone remember Inika Island Assault?

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