Favorite BIONICLE Themes

What is your favorite BIONICLE Themes, it could be of any year, any country.

1 - Mahri
2 - Phantoka/Mistika
3 - Metru


2006 titans. Axonn is one of the coolest sets ever.


Metru. I really liked the Toa sets for that year, and Vakama is one of my favorite characters. In fact, the only reason I named this account Matoro instead of Vakama is because I really hated his character in 2005.

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-1. omega tahu
0.onua the landlord

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The Ignition trilogy is probably my favorite part of the entirety of BIONICLE followed closely by the 2009 SETS, although not the storyline.



the Makuta were pretty good, but the Phantoka sets were pretty bad, at least as representations of the Toa Mata/Nuva.

now to be serious: ignition and metru-nui sagas

Phantoka and Barraki. I just really love the savage animalistic designs


For the Ignition I really liked how the story played out as well as how it leaves you with a cliffhanger at the end

Inika, metru, and mata were the best in my opinion.

Tuma is best everything.

0 - Mata ( because they were the first Toa we got as sets )
1 - Mahri/Barraki
2 - Metru
3- Inika and Phantoka

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2004 really sold it for me. I loved the Metru aesthetic (which is why my self-MOC utilizes it) and the whole storyline for that year. This is the unpopular opinion though in that I liked 2005 for the same reasons (except Vakama. Nobody liked that).

The Toa Mahri all the way, each Toa was unique, and not just 6 different colors of the same guy. Not to mention the Mahri blasters rocked


Probably Inika for me. That year was a really cool year in general.

Hordika is the best 'nuff said.

personally I hate 2005. For one thing Vakama’s character was severely impaired by that year, and the year as a whole didn’t really advance the story. It was just another year in the past. The search for the Mask of Light was also lame, even though it did fix a major plothole, in fact, the whole year was just to fix plotholes. Although I do like the new characters that were introduced.

However, if it weren’t for 2005, we wouldn’t have gotten Time Trap. Now that would be a plot hole.

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that is a very good point