Favorite Boss in a Video Game

I love the Ganon fight from Ocarina of Time. Also Red from Gold/Silver.


It just brings back so many memories.

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I liek that one fram spangebab were you fite a giant spange bab robat!!11!!!!one!

actually my fav is from kingdom hearts
The lingering will is a coo guy
oh and dr nefarious from Ratchet and clank 3
and cyber errol from jak 3
I have a lot of them

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I'd say Dagoth Ur in Morrowind, but that's more from a story/character perspective than a gameplay perspective. For gameplay...I dunno, nothing's springing to mind.

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I don't play many video games.....

So I'm going to have to say the Makron from Quake II :3

That or the bosses from Skyrim.

I was gonna say the Ganon boss...
Other than that I would probably have to say Twilight Princess's three part Ganondorf boss battle.

Gol and Maya from Jak and Daxter.
Also Dr. Nefarious in Rachet and Clank 3

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Scarab fights in Halo 3 are always fun for me at least.


Hard question! (at least for me)
I played a lot of video games, and still I don't have a favourite boss
But i think:
-All skyrim bosses (Best game eva' for me)
-Kel-Thu-freakin'-Zad from Hearthstone (I just lol-ed so much)
-From Darksiders 2 that Giant thing that blocks the way to the tree of life, and the last boss
-Makuta from Bonklez de game

And i can't come up with more :/

I LOVE COOKIES!!!1!1!!1!11111!!!!

Oh, wait, that's not what you're asking :/

I'm not sure what my all time FAVORITE is, but I liked taking down Devil Walkers in Destiny's Old Russia when I was a lower rank stuck_out_tongue

I personally hated the Final Boss in Skyrim. Anti-Climactic, nothing special, felt like a very boring, long, dragon fight. Easily the worst boss of all time.

I wouldn't say he was the worst ever, but he was definitely way too easy (especially since your first encounter with him is really hard, or at lest it was for me). Miraak was better though.

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Vezen frum bonkle hereus 3

Actually, mine would have to be from Spider-Man Web of Shadows, the Symbiote Wolverine boss is too much fun.

Mine would have to be Super Mario Galaxy 2's robot thing that you have to drill into. Funnest boss ever!

I haven't played a wide variety of video games. However, The Ender Dragon from Minecraft was a lot of fun.


Mother brain from super metroid. It was really easy but I don't care, it was just epic.

Mr.freeze in Arkham City, that was so scary and awesome, the way he adapts to everything you do is very unique


Bouldergeist from Super Mario Galaxy.

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Pixy in Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War, easily one of my most memorable boss fights. Also, jousting with aircraft is totally badass.

The final boss of Wonderful 101. Felt really good beating him on the first try.