Favorite Fire Emblem Awakening Pairings!

What are your favorite Fire Emblem Awakening paring? Mine are me and sully and I also like Lon'qu and Panne.

I've never bothered with specific pairings to pass on specific abilities to kids, but the pairing is so fun.
Sully and Virion all the way, too perfect.
Could never really decide on anyone I wanted to pair with Panne, just ended up sticking her with Libra.

Panne and Lon'qu is so awkward i love it.

I've never actually tried that before, sounds pretty silly stuck_out_tongue

Still haven't played, hoping to get Awakening soon stuck_out_tongue

Like... all of them.

Oh here we go...

Male Avatar and Lucina
Female Avatar and Chrom
Chrom and Olivia (PRINCE INIGO FTW)
Male Avatar and Tharja
Olivia and Donnel
Male Avatar and Nowi
Male Avatar and Tiki

There are way more than this, but it'd take forever to list them all

That one... is just too funny.

I agree with @GhotiH , since all conversations are hilarious and/or so well written.

Robin and Tharja; because it’s kinda written in, and I feel sorry for her otherwise.
Chrom and Sumia; It’s pretty much written in. Watch the intro.
Morgan and Inigo; Watching Morgan mess with Inigo Is hilarious.
Noire and Brady; This one is probably my favorite of them all. I just love watching these two.
Olivia and Gregor; Gregor might be the nicest guy on the planet.