Favorite mask aesthetic wise?

I wouldn’t use it for a MOC of my own Bionicle character, but the Phantoka Miru Nuva and the Jutlin are definitely a couple of my absolute favorites.


I quite like both the kualsi and the kakama.
though, I like both their appearance and powers (despite being so similar in powers)


A lot of my favorites are here, but I’d like to say I think the Kanohi Iden (Matoro’s inika mask) is pretty underrated. Maybe it’s just nostalgia from the move along commercial, but it’s always given off a vibe of mystery and vague sadness to it’s design. Also it’s just unique, I love the shaping and those weird circles by the mouth.


I always perceived the mouth to be that little lip higher up, but you’re probably right, actually.


Oh my gosh looking at it like that is hilariously derpy, I love it. I’m pretty sure that’s just a nose/brow line





LOL, not actually that one either. I was referring to the little ridge in between the two - it’s like he’s always sticking out his lower lip. :stuck_out_tongue:

That upper one is something, though. :stuck_out_tongue:


There are a few that I like. The mata in general are iconic, but the Kakama and Pakari are top for me. I’m also an odd one that actually has a strange love of the nuva masks and their warped and mutated features. The Arthron is probably the main of the later masks that sits among them for me.

Honorable mention, i actually really like some of the G2 masks, with most of the Master masks being homages to the Mata masks (despite Mask of Earth looking small on Onua), and I really like the Unity Mask of Earth (only one I have)


I like the Kakama the most. There are quite a few masks I really like but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

I’m surprised people haven’t brought up 3-D printed parts, especially since so many are based on canon designs. My favorite ones are the mask of adaptation, inorganic Sanok, and the brotherhood mask of incomprehension.


I’m actually planning on buying one of those to use for my upcoming Makuta of Vaha Nui MOC.

For official masks, I like all versions of the Miru, great Komau, Ruru hordika, great Rode, Kualsi, I love the Faxon especially on Lesovikk who I wanted as a kid, Mutran Solek and finally the Jetrax Jutlin. Now for 3s printed masks, I love these in no particular order Matoran_Mask_of_Conjuring



What are the last two?

The last two are a vanguard matatu from red star forge and a non aquatic tryna


I like Whenua’s mask (can’t remember the name) and the kakama mata.

Whenua has the Kanohi Ruru: Mask of Nightvision.

Oh yeah, thanks. I always forget the metru have the same masks as the turaga :joy::man_facepalming:

Cause the metru are the turaga.

Well, the Inika were also the Mahri, and how many masks did they have? Three per person, not counting the extra mask given to hewkii by karzahni which he later discarded.

I forgot to mention I’m also a fan of Nuju’s Hordika mask, despite never actually using it on a moc.

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Yep I know that😂

The hordika masks are seriously underrated.