Favorite Matoran Type

With the rumors of the Protectors’ race being the Matoran of Gen 2, it made me remember all of the various designs of the Matoran from the past. So I got to wondering, what style of Matoran was peoples’ favorite?

My personal favorite was the Matoran from 2007(Marhi Nui). I felt that the sets looked very solid and could be done for any type of Matoran as long as you had a mask and the right color of Borok limbs.


The Voyatoran were my favourite; they were the only matoran that weren’t clones.

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I liked the 2003 matoran best. I always wish I’d gotten the Jaller or Takua sets, but oh well.


Voyatoran are my favorite. They were all unique, and were over all solid sets.

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Plz don’t hit me.


I won’t hit you.
I’ll throw my solek at you.


Care to provide some reasoning to your preference?

I love the 2003 matoran style! I have made many MOC’s using that style, and I plan on making many more, once I get my collection out of storage and do a few Ebay purchases.

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The Matoran of Metru Nui were some of my favorites, the silver melded masks they came with were a nice touch and really emphasized Metru Nui’s futuristic aesthetic. They also had some really useful pieces for MOCing, namely the torso, though their most impressive trait was the amount of articulation they had. Plus they were some of the only Matoran with actual colored eyes rather than looking like walking skeletons.

A close second would be the 03’ Matoran because of the amount of playability they have between their kohli sticks and the gear function, however the way their torsos stuck out from the back made them look a little awkward.

The Mctoran. Just because they’re really fun and I want to collect a village full of them :slight_smile:


The av-matoran are my favorite. They aren’t very complex but I think they look cool.

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2001 Tohunga.

They were really cute although I wish they had the articulation of the Av-Matorans.


2003 Matoran. Never got one of them, but they still looked cool :smiley:


Nope. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of the ones that I have built/handled, the Av-Matoran.

Of all of them, the Mahri-toran.

I say mctoran just because they look the nicest to me.
though the mahritoran were actually probably the best set wise.

I never really liked or got many matoran sets…

Metrutoran, although I haven’t many others besides Av-toran…
Actually. None. D:

2003 were probably my favorite because of the Kohli stick.

But was it an optical illusion?

Umm… I’ve never thought about this before :stuck_out_tongue: