Favorite Obscure Games

Knights in the nightmare for the Ninitendo DS that was a fun game.

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Mole Mania for the Game boy.
You are a mole with sunglasses and a scarf trying to rescue his kids from an evil farmer out for revenge. You have to navigate puzzles digging through the ground, throw iron balls at enemies, collect cabbage while fighting such villains as a kangaroo with boxing gloves, a sun with a face, and worst of all A random plumber the farmer hired.

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All PS2s are backwards compatible IIRC.


Drawn to Life for the Nintendo DS. May not be as obscure as I think, but it certainly doesn't get talked about as often as it should.

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I agree I've played it and it's pretty good.

Jet set radio future on the original Xbox man I loved that game and the sound track was awesome.


does anyone remember LEGO Battles?

It was a pretty bland RTS game on the DS, but it was my jam when I was a wee' lil' lad.


I remember it. It was one of the first games I got 100% on.

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Oh yeah.

I loved that game.

And I remember disliking Battles: Ninjago for only allowing one side to have seven fighting units.


What about Rhythm Heaven and Rhythm Heaven Fever?

There's a new installment coming out relatively soon I believe.

qix for the game boy

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure for the DS. That game was pretty neat-o.

Sounds neat.

Wasteland 2 is my jam.

It's like the OG fallout games had a baby with modern technology.


I really enjoy the Momodora series. Its great and its inspired by one of my favorite indie games which is Cave Story.

I’m not sure if God Eater is popular but I recently started the first game and its pretty fun.

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Hakeem on Xbox and Star Conflict on PC. The latter isn’t very good so far but it’s alright

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The Long Dark is an incredible survival game that really deserves more attention.

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Fossil fighters;
Advance Wars, Which didn’t used to be as obscure but it’s sister series Fire Emblem kinda knocked it out of the water when Awakening came out.
Command & Conquer: Not Extremely obscure, but like AW above, it has become more obscure in recent years. Great RTS series, but EA killed it with the C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight.
Total Annihilation; Another good RTS fromthe era when most RTS’s were born. Very Unique build system, and is the spiritual patriarch to games like Supreme Commander.


Maybe I’m just old, but all the obscure games I love have become unobscure over the years. Only thing left is NES games like Solomon’s Key.


Blades of Steel anyone?