Favorite Podcast/TTV Talks moment

My favorite moment was when @Eljay did The Three Eljays podcast.


Kim Jong Un as Santa. Priceless.


Now that I think of it, pretty much anytime someone messes up! smile

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That's mean...

This was from a long time ago but the Rotor moment from way way back was amazing and my oldest memory about the podcast.

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Maybe a bit off/bending topic but the Return of BlokBots at TTV Talks episode #20.


How would that be off-topic at all?

In the strictest for the topic is "Favorite podcast moment?" and it can be seen as excluding anything except the Podcast videos or it can be taken to mean the whole channel. The OP also having stated "Favorite moment from the podcast" led me to believe that this was exclusive of the other videos, thus leading me to share my opinion with a disclaimer.

I can't for the life of myself condense that.

Oh, well, I would've included TTV Talks as well, had it been around when I made this.

I'll change it a bit then.