Favourite Anime Soundtracks

It’s no secret that a lot of us here on the TTVMB are huge nerds, and by extension, weeaboos as well.

Being one myself, I thought I’d take the privilege of asking all of you which shows have your favourite soundtracks? In terms of how they tie in to their respective shows, and their standalone musical merit, which OST’s do you find the most appealing?

To start us off, my top five are:

  1. FLCL
  2. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso
  3. Barakamon
  4. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  5. TTGL

Honourable Mentions: Kill la Kill, Cowboy Bebop (Blues), Baccano, Durarara

And hey, it ain’t no chinese cartoon, but Steven Universe has got a pretty rad OST too.

And hey, it ain’t no chinese cartoon, but Steven Universe has got a pretty rad OST too.

…Japanese. Anime are Japanese.

I don’t really have a favorite soundtrack… I just tend to like the music in what I’m watching for different reasons. But if I had to choose…

2.Gundam W
3.Lucky Star
4.Gundam Seed/Destiny

I don’t actually watch as much as other people might.
If we were to go by opening themes and additional songs, then this list might be a bit longer.


Not necessarily

I’m quite sure there’s a lot of westaboo nerds and ambivalent nerds like me

Anyway, logic clarification aside, I know that @anon68675807, @anon90160534, and @EMMSixteenA4 should see this topic

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guise. guise. satire. guise.

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what trip are you on

Uh, TTGL, Kill La Kill and Madoka I guess. Because those are the only ones I have really seen

Gundam 00 also has a good OST from what I have watched of it.

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The joke flew over your head pal.

2. Cowboy Bebop
3. Jojo Part 2
5. NGE

Beef, you can’t hear the soundtrack, you only hear the sound of git gud


Soundtracks… I haven’t watched to a LOT of a of anime, but all of the soundtracks I remember were good so, in no particular order…

Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Deathnote, dat first opening though (oh yeah, and everything else too)
Fairy Tail, it’s addicting, don’t judge…

I really like (2011 one) HunterXHunter’s soundtrack. Sure it might reuse the intro sometimes, but instrumental versions with different instruments. I personally love the songs, intro and outros included. Also this is probably the anime I’m watching each episode and really enjoy watching it.

Shoutout to you for always giving me good topics.

Honestly though, I’ve started a lot of animes but not finished many. Tokyo Ghoul had a good soundtrack, despite being a meh show.
Code Geass had a good soundtrack but not all of the musical cues were on the OST; coughturningthetidecough.
Aldnoah.Zero stands out with a great OST. That’s all I can think of right now.
EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot one. Overrated as the show is (fight me) Attack on Titan has some undeniably epic music too.

I like Taku Iwasaki’s music, especially what he did for Gatchaman Crowds. Didn’t he also have a hand on JoJo’s OST?

FLCL, Bakemonogatari and Bebop’s soundtracks are my personal favourites.

Special mention goes to Initial D - it’s only good for its soundtrack.


Cory in the h-


Iwasaki also did the OST for TTGL. He’s gr8

And Katanagatari. Still, Crowds is his best IMO.

Does AtlA count…



Well then,…nothing.

The Attack on Titan soundtrack is just a brilliant masterpiece. Right, @fortheloveofcats?


The Cory in the House OST is also pretty good

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Cruel Angel’s Thesis, the OP to Evangelion, has been my ringtone for a time now. gotta love cheesy 90’s disco about angsty teenage kids.

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Cowboy Bebop, n°1, the op is just so swank.

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The gundam unicorn soundtrack is godly.