Fayni V1 + Gun concept

Two WIPs. One of a humanoid, one of a gun. Both of which I need critique on. Especially the gun, this is my first attempt in a year at making a semi-realistic firearm.

Fayni V1

Fayni V1

Fayni V1

Explorers Rifle WIP

Explorers Rifle WIP w/ EZRA


humanoid's decent. IF it's a she I guess it's moderately good, guns badass btw

Fayni V1 looks impressive!
The gun looks good but with the notice of blue pins.

Fayni. (I assume it is a she) looks okay, but her torso looks really bulky and awkward. her ankles and feet are strange and the ankles are too skinny.

the feet look kinda strange. maybe change them out for metru feet.

and FOR THE LOVE OF MATA NUI GIVE HER SOME SHOULDERS! they look bare and just plain bad. the way they are positioned do not help ether. the chest needs to go... just rip it off and start over. make her shoulders be higher. they look like she was just paralyzed. and that torso has no flow at all.
The upper legs are pretty okay.

her helmet looks off and small compared to her large legs and body, and the silver may have some purpose.. I have no clue, but unless there is a really good reason for it then it needs to go.

Sword looks sweet. good work on that...and that is all for her...

the gun......looks okay. the two grey spacers need to go. replace them with a rim or whatever....but they need to go, and maybe bulk up the handle.

everything about fayni except her legs is bad

arms are too long, and torso is too short

That gun is heinously oversized. Restart altogether, that's what I think. Go for a technic build that's very slim and don't make the handle come down at and angle. I get it's supposed to be sci-fi in design but to me the only kind of gun that looks like is a silicone gun. And empty one. That's not meant to be a joke, it in fact looks like a silicone gun. White's not the color you want either, and honestly not much is right with it. Or maybe I just don't understand it. My honest and unleashed opinion is that you should totally restart and go for a monochrome-as-possible slimmer design that looks more like a read firearm. Look around for inspiration, I guess, but that one's just not up to snuff.

For my friends, mind you, I hold nothing back =P
Hence the candid nature of everything I said in this post.

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Do you even know what the word "lighting" means? =P

Jokes aside, I still like Fayni, except the chest. And the gun, I agree with EMM, you should scrap it and start over. And make it black =P


Its hawk

Lighting to him is like a swirling vortex of shadow and darkness at the bottom of a sinkhole


That or trying to take picture when it's nighttime

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then take it when its daytime

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Or take it in the middle of the sun.

I'm going to take that as an indirect comment on wanting me fried


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Just my newfound love of grilling MOCs.


works too.

and your lack of lighting....

man am I one to talk.