Feiden: The Iron Maiden

I wanted to make a female moc.
it became this.

Album(it's worth checking out)



  • Color Scheme seems consistent
  • Like the chest design
  • Back filled out well
  • Like the use of Olmaks as Shoulder Armor
  • The legs look strange, due to the open ball joints on the front
  • Blue Studs scattered around the body look strange

I would give this MOC a 8.5/10.
I like it. The Model's Color Scheme is consistent and is armored well, but it has a few cons that holds the MOC back.

Greamazing Job! smiley

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did you look at the album?
she has a cast off form

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If you are talking about the Silver Version, I saw it. I t looks pretty good as well. :smile:


Looks like Takanuva decided to become a rock star.

I like it!


I still think this moc is cool
the waist is a little thin
legs are a little too long
Otherwise pretty awesome

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Good moc. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the concept isn't very fitting. She doesn't look female, especially with that guitar ax. I like that mask, but it makes her look like a dude.

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*obviously female
I gave her a fighters physique because she's a fighter,
I don't think it makes sense to give her big curves.

women can't shred?

pretty much every mask is masculine, or at the very least gender neutral.

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The MOC itself is beautifull,but it doesn't look female,like,at all.

EDIT: The all-silver variant does look a bit feminine actually


thank you very much.

that's because it cast off the armor.

speaking of cast off,



A Glam Rock Band


This is Fantasti-cool™! I really like the silver variant! The blue armpits are cool, and I really like the Olmak shoulders. One complaint is that it might benefit from Velociraptor legs.


Greamazing™. Hah. Hah-ha. Ha. Ha. Ha...

The Score was in-between 8 and 9, which an 8 gets a Great Job, while a 9 receives an Amazing Job, so I just fused the words together. :smile:

And now I trademarked it. smile

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I feel like people are complaining about how she "doesn't look female", because we're all used to the BioRockDude standard of big curves and what not on every female MOC. I mean, not every single woman on earth has that curvaceousness-nes. Like... C'mon mates.


I got to say this is pretty great!
But the blue pins on the back are noticeable.

The feet seem kinda small, but as long as stability isn't an issue I guess it's alright. I don't know if this piece comes in gold, but I wish the Glatorian meter holder/Metru chestpiece/codpiece @Rockho came in gold so her stomach area could have some gold.

Neat looking, just make the legs longer and thicker (but that may just be me and how I like my MOCs to have bulkier legs) so yeah. looks awesome! that glittery Avokhii works great!

so do I(have you seen my other mocs?), but for this I had to sacrifice.

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I have. and that is one of the reasons I am confused.