Felidex, Leader of the Brotherhood of Makuta

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Nice looking Makuta. I'd like to learn more about the character. Could you come up with a name and a mask power? And what does his weapon do? This character looks pretty cool overall.

Thanks! I'll get onto it

The Makuta's name is Felidex. he has the kanohi Ketrill, mask of insanity


Back in Matoran universe, Makuta is back.

New toa, turaga and matoran

Toa arrive on Rina Nui. The toa search the island for their koros. They find the turaga and are mentored. The turaga realize something.
Everything is peaceful, why would the great beings send the toa?
That is when everything starts going down hill.
Le Koro's plantlife starts dying, Ta Koro and Ko Koro's climate change, Ga Koro floods, Onu Koro Collapses, Po Koro freezes over.
How could this be? What is happening to the beloved land of Rinu Nui??
The toa split up and search for answers. Hidden passage ways are found but whoever finds it goes insane and has to be helps by the turaga. The air and earth toa are the only ones left.
Since the toa were a part when the passageways were found, the two toa didn't know where the were located. So the earth toa starts digging.
It takes weeks but they eventually fall through the ground into a huge empty room.
A loud, yet calm voice is heard, "You have made a mistake coming here...Your turaga shouldve warned you...But now it is too late......"
The toa are frightened. "Could it be..?" the air toa says to the other.
"It can't! The brotherhood was destroyed millions of years ago!"
"MAKUTA was destroyed millions of years ago, not the brotherhood"
A huge figure appears. Ten times the size of themselves.
The voice is heard again, but this time it comes from the figure.
"I AM the Felidex. The new leader of the brotherhood of makuta."
The earth toa looks at the other, "Brother, we can take him."
"We can try..."
Then, a bright light flashes and a sonic boom is created.
The makuta stands, in awe, at his new opponent.
A toa kaita.
The battle begins and goes on for years. The mask of Insanity is finally ripped off of felidex. destroying him forever.
The other toa are finally well and the all reunite as the beach from which they came. They slowly walk back into the water, never to be seen again.

oh man that's a lot longer than i thought

No, that's great! If you want a long bio, look at a page I made for one of my makuta. Of course, that is the minimum as it goes. As my story will progress, his history will get longer and more info will be added.

Yeah...I just wanted a makuta to go up against my toa I made yesterday so the story thing scared me hahah

Nothing wrong with a story. Actually, I use stories as a way to show my BIONICLE fandom, and Tagah is one of my most popular characters.

I read it...thats really cool!

Thanks. There is going to be more added to the "Arise of Darkness" section, since that is the whole origin story of him.

Great. I'll (try to) read em

You did this when you were bored!?! whispers to him self I wish i was that creative.

Everything on him is awesome, but to me the only thing that doesn't fit to me is the mask.. But I can't seem to put my finger on it...


Haha thanks a lot! Idrk... I have like weird moments when I can just build random stuff

Thanks! Yeah I changed it a piece built one...see the new version.