Felidex, Leader of the Brotherhood REVAMP

So the old Felidex lasted about a day. Buuuuut I made a bigger version!


PS Sorry about the AWFUL quality. i just wanted to get the size down

In which universe is he the leader of the Brotherhood? Is it in an alternate universe? In the Prime BIONICLE reality, there where only two leaders: Miserix and Teridax.

That also leads me to asking something: Where does your storyline take place?

My storyline is on the island of rino nui. millions of years after makuta vs mata nui. An unknown makuta attacked bara magna and exploded the planet. the great spirits are forced to start over and make anorher matoran universe.

That's a great story idea so far! Just be careful when writing in the Prime Reality, especially since BIONICLE is coming back. I have to be careful when I do it.

Thanks! It's kinda meant to be an alt universe with the same story. Like maybe in the prime after the old story something else happens, this is just slightly different decisions that make this happen

Oh, okay. Makes sense, because I planned on doing something similar in another universe. I like to work in the parts of the canon universe that they never explained about, like the Southern Islands hardly anyone knows about.

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Wow. Where could I find the story?

The rest of the story? Go to my first version of him

Kinda reminds me of the kardas dragon...


Thats what I was kinda going for.

i am such a sucker for huge models..... SO I LOVE IT

Hahah Thanks!