Female moc wip (NEED HELP)

I’ve been trying to make a moc of one of my characters. However, I keep running into walls of dissatisfaction and even unrealistic proportions for women. I’m trying not to over-sexualize this thing but for some reason that seems to happen all the dang time and I’ve run out of options.

What should I do?


Maybe use something else for the chest

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I figured. But what?

A Nuva chest piece or something custom


Maybe use one SW shoulder instead of two, or as @1000Purse30 said, the Nuva chestplate.

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Looks fine to me, the shaping is good and the proportions look perfectly fine, just do more of this.

The hips don’t flow into the torso well enough I don’t think. Either slimming them down or adding small greebles to the abdomen area (basically as near as possible to the hips should be fine.

I also think the midsection needs a little work, i would move down everything above the shell on the stomach so that shell overlaps the small gap.

Also colors but that’s minor.

Good start.


Maybe try and and more size or width to the moc or use more ccbs peices in it

So far I see good progress being made. Definitely feminine at first glance. Make sure to stick to a shoulder design (minus the ball joint) that is at most as wide as the hips.

Don’t deny yourself the benefit of looking at a semi-complete version of the frame. Try to get as much done as possible then stop to evaluate the proportions etc.

I personally find that the more progress I make on something and the more complete I can get it in a short timeframe, the more likely I am to see it through to its completion.

I say keep building on this torso with what you have so far. Without arms or the top of the torso/head area to go off of, in terms of proportion etc, it’s hard to make an informed opinion about it. I agree with the thoughts of others about greebling for the torso though.
I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

I think it looks fine tbh. Just because it has breastplates doesn’t make it bad, I mean look at Roodaka. As long as you aren’t using Nuva shoulder plates, I think it’s fine.

Get rid of that red ball joint tho lol

I think it looks really good right now

Look up a picture of a thigh and you will see that from the side, that’s not how it’s shaped. There is no bulge in the middle of a thigh. It starts out thick and gradually tapers to the knee. Also, the transition from the waist to the legs is too abrupt and should be smooth. The torso is too narrow as of now but it’s a good start. I would keep the torso design and add some piece to the side of the waist or shorten the overall torso a little so that it looks less narrow.
If you’re still having trouble you should look up pictures of models and then try to draw a front, side, and 3/4 view of the human body to get a better understanding of the shaping. Then apply what you know to the figure.

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