Female Toa Team

Yeah, let’s just give it a rest lads. I already said I’d be making some changes. It’s just a hunk of plastic, let’s call it quits. At this point I don’t even know what we’re arguing about.

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yea, I just devolved, and just started listing off tips.

What did you expect? Internet is always a mess when it comes to “oh my got look at that I find that offensive”. Two factions are building up while the ones who don’t care remain silent. And then we got the other creepy part of the internet…

If a moc has breasts or a butt, then whoop-de-doo. Whatever, I don’t care. My problem is that it looks ridiculous on these, and the creator had gotten all defensive about it.

If someone is actually offended by female features on a female character, then they need to grow up.



Hm… Give them feet. And maybe find a replacement for the metru-toran torso. But they’re all right.

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Rule 34.1: If it exists and has been sexualized, there will be complaints about it.


I feel like you’ve said this before but it’s very true.

insert pointless complaints here

I don’t get why people are upset about the fact that they’re…exaggerated. That’s down to personal taste, whether you like the MOC’ist’s choices or not. What I DO understand is the people who are critiquing the designs, because the designs themselves are where it falls apart. The designs themselves are mediocre at best, really bad at worst.


The reason people don’t like the exaggerated parts is cause the rest of the figure doesn’t fit as female, this is just breasts and butts, but no actually female body proportions, hourglass figure small shoulders, stuff like that. This is just nuvaboobs slapped on a normal Toa body with weird legs.

Not trying to insult you by the way just being PAINFULLY blunt with my words right now

Her shoulder armor is larger making her real shoulders look thinner.


Actually you make a very good point. +10 points for logical thinking.


That’s a bad example, the girls in kill la kill were all pretty normal build-wise, it’s just that the outfits were revealing,
I mean, I agree with your points, just not that example.


I already dismantled this to make a new moc, but I still took two pics of it before I did. If you didn’t like the build already this won’t change your mind, this is just to show those people who liked aspects of the build what changes I did make prior to me tearing it apart. I gave her feet and an eyestalk, I covered up her knees, and I made her arms longer.

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the ankles are really weird

though otherwise I guess she’s alright


Rika(the Toa of Fire, right?)'s color scheme looks terrific. Of all the Toa you’ve constructed, her silver pops the most against the red and yellow-orange.

I like the different techniques used to shape the forms of these four, particularly in the legs. I feel the shoulders on all of these are a little too bare. Only the Toa of Water and the Toa of Fire really look right without shoulder armor here, in my opinion, though I do understand if for some reason you were unable to incorporate some sort of armor around the shoulders.

I also feel (and I’m pretty sure someone else already said it) that the arms are a smidge too short. If there is any way to lengthen them, perhaps utilize those new friction adder parts in the more recent sets… that might help with the arm situation.

Not going to get into the “Nuva-boobs” thing. They’re there for shaping, and for some, they work. For others… I do like that the Metru armor on the rear of the two that have it looks like armor, so I’m cool with it.

And it is very nice to see some of the lady Toa take a step into the spotlight. An all-female-Toa Team. Refreshing.

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These Toa don’t miss many meals, do they.


I have no problem with sexualized characters as long as that trait fits in with their story and character. I made one character that had a voluptuous buttocks and breasts because she was supposed to be the most beautiful female member of her tribe (she was supposed to be a princess). I made another one with slightly sexualized features to show that she went through a form of puberty because she was created through artificial means.

What I have a problem with is that these characters are sexy just because they are a female team and that does not fit in with a role at all. I know you want to create something you think would look good, but there has to be some sort of back-story to back it up. Also, not all females that are of reproductive age look like this.

Regardless, I think these characters are really well done for sexualized mocs. If you don’t want to revamp the character’s design due to limited amount of parts, just provide an explanation on why they look like this other than “reproductive female”.

On another note, all these characters kind of look the same from one another without their masks and armor. Maybe give them a bit more individuality from one another I guess. Also give them some form of light piping when given a chance when you get more parts.

Not going to lie: when I read this, I fell in the floor laughing.
Partly because of your choice of words, and partly because it’s such a poor argument. These are Toa, Toa have armour, and armour usually covers this part and makes discernment between genders difficult… But that, again, falls to personal preference; besides, armour that is gender-specific is a thing. I won’t fault you for choosing to include those (I honestly would not care if you made her breasts bigger than her head, as people say these days, you do you) but you can’t really use that as a reason.

That aside, I’d like to point out something no one else has: the shoulders. The shoulders are just a bit too skinny, and the way they’re attached means the arms are stuck at an angle away from the body.

I must congratulate you, actually: “the shoulders are too skinny” is not an issue I’ve ever had with a MOC. That’s a new one.


Female Toa Done Right (by @JoeScibelli) would look something like this

Try to take some inspiration in the torso shaping.


Not a bad design, especially as you said in the torso. But she got huge friggin cankles.

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