Ferann - The wanderer

A self made nomad in the vast desert… Ferann used his high knowledge of technology to craft his own tools and weapons to survive the harsh desert conditions. He salvages parts from those who perish in the sands to to improve himself and his gear. Constantly trying to find a way to escape the desert, he hunts for signs of life, but is yet to succeed… Worried that he may be doomed to spend the rest of his life in the desert, he makes what he can with what he has to survive.

Hope you like it…


That is amazing.

Basically, what Hutere said.

Ayyy you finally finished the arms! Oh and also this MOC is freakin incredible

Amazing but you know black takes in heat

Content cop over here… You got me there.


I really like this, and I remember it in its W.I.P form, but I really don’t know about those hands. That wrist connection is really iffy, and it looks like if you connected anything to the hand it would fall off instantly.

Other than that though, what you did with the already good looking W.I.P you had completely amazes me. I love it.

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This is amazing!

That is truly the best use of a shoelace that I have seen on the boards.

this thing is arsome but the thing I most like are the lower leg, drone, and of course the led light in the torso

Great job, I love the design of the legs and torso.

I really like the look of the drone. Great job

Really awesome, love the design of it. That drone thing is really cool as well.

Woah. Pohatu didn’t deserve that mask! He hated Ketar anyway. More trans-yellow-green maybe? Absolutely beautiful

This is downright gorgeous!

This is gr8, m8.
I r8 8/8

seriously this is amazing

Pure greatness.

This is one cool Moc, great posablility, but i think the hands look a bit off, especially the fingers. Other than that I really like it.


I love everything about it. The pattern on the cloak/skirt is also very nice.

I’m also happy that you were able to make some arms that fit the rest of the MOC well, I know you were having a bit of trouble.

You are a really amazing MOCer.

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Thank you all very much! Means a lot