Ferrari F1 Road Photography

Sorry if some of the pictures are lower quality than others. I tried to capture the car in motion, so that is why some of the pictures might look a little unclear.


Very nice use of perspective to make it look larger than it is; works better in some photos than others but overall great job! :slight_smile:


Looks pretty good!
I’d try to add a bit more action in the photos, but so far you’ve generally done a good job of getting the “moving” idea across.


Good work, looks quite good, it does sort of look like it’s moving in some.

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Nice photos!

You could get this and race them!

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No… I think this guys could be better opponents…

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Or all four!

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Sadly they are very expensive, so I can’t afford them. If I save money, I may be able to get at least one of them, but not more than that… But hey, at least we can still make an epic race even with only two cars… :slight_smile: :checkered_flag:

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That is true

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