Ficorai, Guardian of Fire

This MOC is mostly made up of Matoro Mahri and Tahu Stars with some other pieces.He was once a Ta-Matoran that fell into energized protodermis long before the Toa Mata fell in he became the Guardian of Fire because the Great Spirits did not want him to wreak havoc among the matoran and Metru Nui.


More pictures please?

The random blue and white break the color scheme a bit, but fix good overall.

Ah man, you're gettin' all up in everywhere. Don't mind me. Just making sure none mistake you for the ValidVar.


I kinda made like a custom build for Ficorai

There was a false Troll Varderan Impersonator. He posted in this topic, and I responded to him, so none would mistake him. His posts, though, have been deleted.

If you would like to know how to build something like this MOC click on this ---> da link
For this build I recommend it for mostly matoran.