Finally finished my moc! It was meant to be a dark hunter at first but IDK now lol... what do you guys think?

So, here's what I'm looking at as a final product after about 3 days of working....
(Down below I will list my build process as well so you can see what I came from and maybe make it yourself if you like it)

So, that's that! Now, here's my pics from night one of work:

Obviously, it's much more bare bones. I really just have a basic skeleton and head set up here. I used a black Piraka upper torso and Mantax's curved connector thingy (don't know the piece number) vertically along with a Vahki leg connecter for it, as well as the torso that came with the 2010 Skrall set as a sort of backpack to attack additional limbs to.

Night 2:

This night I worked much more on giving the set some considerable beef as well as further adding to the custom torso. I also swapped out the eye colors as I favored the cool blue with the silver as I felt orange clashed a bit much. I also added the chains to the lower arms as well as the upper two 'main' arms.

Finally, night three is the above final product, where I added decorative wings, the final torso details (like the piping and back armor), bulked up the legs and arms (especially the lower arms) further, and gave his main hands weapons. The figure, now completed, has a standard 3 points of articulation in each limb as well as a posable head and neck. So.... what do you guys all think? Thanks for viewing!


The completed project looks awesome!

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Wow this is great and if it isn't a dark hunter what is it

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It may just be the chains, but it reminds me of 07 karzahni.

looks alright, not sure I like the hordika feet though.


Kinda drew some inspiration for the Karzhanni for that haha... thought it could look cool. And personally I'm not the biggest fan either but it was the most coverage I could get for the legs without doubling their size haha xD

@ToaPyren Thanks!

@ToaKobondo Not entirely sure.... xD Really messed up rahi, maybe? I drew some heavy inspiration from the 2004 Kikanalo build for this....

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Looks like a hideous mutated ice bat that escaped its cage. I love it!

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This is . .....interesting . It definitely takes after the official style instead of the custom style most MOCers use.


Wow! This looks AWESOME! :smiley: