Finishing touches to some BIONICLE artwork

Hi, you may remember my posts ‘BIONICLE combined with other materials’. Those pieces of work were all for my second year Art Course which I got an A for in the end. I really appreciate your feedback on those posts, as I had been working on them for so long that i couldn’t tell if what I was making was actually half decent or not…

With that course finished and no time restrictions, I want to start adding some finishing touches to them - primarily the insect looking pieces. My plan is to give them all bases on which they will stand on, each one showing a unique environment, as well as touch up the paint jobs a bit.

I have some ideas myself, but I feel like the end result would be vastly improved with some community suggestions behind it. In my eyes this is my own little send off to BIONICLE, and it wouldn’t be right to leave out the community which has allowed the legend to last this long.

I won’t be able to incorporate EVERY idea discussed here, but I will consider every single one. I’ll mainly be accepting suggestions for the bases, the actual sculptures themselves I already and fairly happy with, and i just want to adjust the paint jobs very slightly - but all suggestions for the sculptures will be considered too.

These are the pieces i’ll be adding the finishing touches to & putting on bases:

I likely won’t be showing the finished pieces here for a while, as they will take time to execute. If you’re interested in purchasing any of the pieces of work I have posted on these message boards in the past few months, then feel free to private message me.


These are absolutely fantastic! I don’t know where you get the heart to melt your Bionicle pieces, though.`

To be honest, me neither. It was really hard at first but if i’m happy with the finished product then I feel like its worth the sacrifice.

Are these pieces from your childhood, or did you order them off bricklink?

From my childhood. I rarely buy stuff from Bricklink. That makes this work a lot more personal, so its really great when I get positive feedback.

straight out of metro 2033

I can’t say I based any of this work on it, but that is a bloody great game :smiley:

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So, why did you decide to do these?

It was for my second year art coursework. I wanted to do something that was personal to me and i was already somewhat familiar with.

What will you do with them when they’re done?

I’d quite like to sell them. I don’t really have room for them, and the more I sell the more I can make.

Weird bugs, with burnt Bonkle pieces?

The base is BIONICLE pieces, but on top of that there’s alot of other materials like sand and clingfilm. If you’re interested in the process behind these then i’ve uploaded a pretty in-depth video of my entire second year art course, which includes all of my sculptures:■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■=PLPRArTAxteGVzWfofUYVDwZcw1PgKlSqF

EDIT: Posted the wrong link - this is the correct video:

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How much will you sell them for?

i’ve been asking way too many questions

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I really like these, they have a very interesting style.

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the perfect music that sums up these sets of art:


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@decepticonaiden Prices I haven’t fully decided on yet, it will depend entirely on how much the bases cost to make. Using the centipede piece as an example: as it is right now I wouldn’t go under £30 due to what it cost to make. I can’t say how much with the base as I don’t know what that’s gonna cost me yet. All these are fairly different sizes, so that price is gonna vary - and even more-so when i add the bases.

(Don’t worry about the questions, I’m not bothered by it, its nice to know people are taking an interest :smiley: )

@Stoax Thanks. For these pieces I’ve tried to make them a blend of art design found in Quake 4 and Starship Troopers.

@DarkHenrik It does fit pretty well now I think about it. At first I was like “pfffft, its not industrial metal, how’s this gonna fit…”

@Apophyx Sleep is for those who don’t know the joy of being awake. Feel free to quote me on that, I can see that phrase becoming the next big thing :smile:


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The creepiness depends entirely on what the quotes are for… dare I ask what for…?