First And Latest Bionicle Sets

So whats your first and last Bionicle set?

In 2006 I got Vezok, but I really got into the story when I got Malum in 2009.

This topic will give us an idea of what year of Bionicle was more influential than others


Mine was Tohunga Huki.

My first was Nuju Metru. I ironically have him taken apart, and some of the parts are being used in my self MOC, Vuhii. (Still a WIP)

Gali Mata.


Kopaka Mata

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Toa Vakama, but my first exposure was the 2003 novels

Lewa and Gali Mata. Although my first constraction sets were all of the year 1 slizers.

Pohatu and 3 Bohrok that I sadly forget which ones they were. Also the Tohunga if they count as sets.

Set 8556 Boxor.

Rahaga Bomonga, but Jaller Inika got me into collecting.

as generic as it is, Toa Mata Tahu was my first set.

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onua nuva, it was the best present ever! of course now it lies in pieces RIP

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Although my other siblings had sets before me, the first one I received as my own was Matau Hordika, I got it from a friend when he gave me and my brother a bunch of random stuff and in it was the already opened and used set in pieces.
The first sets I got that were actually new were Tarduk and Berix for my birthday, man, the memories.

Gali Nuva actually! I got her as a party favor, and the whole thing just snowballed from there. XD

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Whenua Hordika

Matau was the first one I opened, I got him, Nokama and Vorzakh on Christmas.
I remember that day so well smile

Kopaka and Lewa Mata.

Pouks, but I got into the story in 2007 when I got Ehlek.

My first bionicle was Kualus Rahaga! ~Detox

Mine was either Tohunga Kongu or Toa Kopaka.