First Animation Progress

I wanted to start making an animation and am testing out some ideas. I want to post them here to see what you guys think. This animation is really a lot of drawings being used as frames, like the drawings that people do on a flip book or a bunch of sticky notes. Right now, I only have the concept:

I am planning on using this as the first frame and work from it. Right now, I’m working on animating her unsheathing her sword, then work from there. I’ll try to post videos of my progress and will listen to any feedback including how smooth the animation needs to be or what the drawings need to look like.


Unsheathing animations are actually quite simple, the bulk of it is trying to grab the sword which is simply followed by a couple of frames showing the sword.

If my understanding of this project is correct, you are basically making a video flipbook, which sounds very time consuming. If I am wrong, I would love a better explanation of what you’re actually doing.

Either way, neat drawing!

Love the look of this! Really nice!

Should be fairly simple, but time consuming. I would get the basic keyframes in, then go back and draw the in-betweens to smooth it out. Start off with a lot of them very closely spaced at the start of the sword drawing, then spread them out farther into only places where they are needed. The end motion should be pretty fast, so use some pretty spaced out frames to simulate that, and maybe distort the sword to imitate motion blur.

Good luck, looks so cool!