First custom torso and Selfmoc Toa Hadryr V 1.0!

Hello again Message Boards! I'm here today to present you my custom Torso and Selfmoc using that exact Torso :smiley: hope you'll enjoy it!

Torso ( Both sides can be used as front )

I hope to talk to you again soon, until then!


Hey, that's pretty good! Nice flow to the torso and a bunch of cool connection points--particularly that Vorox armor connection. With the armor on, I would never be able to tell that it was custom, which is neat. Good job!

The torso has kind of a simple, but interesting design

And also @BioKnight
Thanks for the praise! I literally searched for every balljoint in my possesion for this body xD It's my first take on Building a custom Torso, i hope I'll be able to do some better ones in the future!

Seems quite customizeable. I dig.

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I really enjoy the custom torso, and the MOC has a great flow with lots of customizeable features. Great Job!

Pretty good for your first torso I tired no this guy looks pretty good.

this looks pretty cool

I got to say this looks pretty great.
Nice first custom torso.