First mech I've built in a long time!

Hello everyone this is my first post! I used to frequent the board constantly on an old account but i’m glad to be back!

Hope you enjoy this build!


Dang that looks sick.

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By the way, what was your old account?

Used to @Pak

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Why didn’t you use your old account?

A lot of my old mocs on that account cannot be viewed anymore for some reason, and since it’s been so long since i’ve used it i just decided to use this account


That’s great! A pretty amazing comeback to be sure!

I don’t like how he’s staring at Mario. Don’t fight him, please?

This is amazing
I mean, really.
First mech?
in a while? wow
this is great.
The only thing I can complain about is the switching between smooth textures and greebles. I think you should have either one of those, and not both.

Welcome back pak. Where did yo get those 1by1 mounting plates?

If you change the colors around, it might look something like the space suits from Alien. Was that intentional?

Kill Mario.

Looking pretty amazing, keep it up!