First of my comic characters: lamprey

the first of my series of characters I’m creating

super speed and agility , ability to grow back limbs and tentacles,
and can become super strong for a short time but its super painful.

I like to think of him as a marvel character and yes I know he looks like venom


Is it bad that I was half expecting a carnivorous lamp?


*face palm its a type of fish.

But it sounds like it would be a carnivorous lamp
cuz like
and prey
Like it’s a lamp that hunts it’s prey
its like the kinda puns that go into pokemon names


what just happened here
There look pretty good! I can see the fish inspiration.


TL;DR there was a brainfart on a galactic scale


I was trying to explain something and it got out of hand. sorry

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He looks pretty awesome!

Is it a symbiote?

don’t really have a backstory yet. but I’m thinking he’s infected by a artificial symbiote.
or maybe his D.N.A was spliced with a lamprey and eel or something along that line.
but I’m open to ideas for a backstory.

Lampreys are scary creatures. This character scares me. Does he suck blood?

not really I guess.( don’t really have a backstory) he is more of a brawler character like the hulk or quicksilver<- punches people at high speed

No. That’s good.

As for the character, it looks like a fish.
That’s a good thing.

and no i dont know why i didn’t reply to the original post