FIRST Robotics Competition Recycle Rush 2015 Discussion Topic

With the 2015 Colorado competition coming up both my team and I (Team 4418 IMPULSE) are nervous and excited. So I was thinking, is anybody here besides me on the message boards on one of 4000+ FRC teams and if so have you or are you going to compete?

This is pretty weird for "Community"

I figured this was the best place to put it since FIRST stretches world wide

I did FIRST back in 2010, We had to build a mobile robot with a pneumatic kicker that could play soccer and could be controlled with two joysticks.

And you got extra points if you could build an arm that could do "pull ups". It's interesting to see the new topic for FIRST though and unfortunately I think I'm too old for It this year.

I did FLL (FIRST Lego League) back in october and our team - which was named team EPIC - got past regionals and into nationals! Sadly we didn't make it through to the internationals, but it was a jolly fun competition.

We are also gonna be doing the Trash Trek comp too, but I guess it works a bit differently in Colorado? You guys seem to be doing it way in advanced.

I competed in FLL for three different themes in the past, but I stopped in 2011.

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I was in it for two years.

Maybe we should have a topic for that.