First Self MoC/Toa MoC

This is my first attempt at a self MoC. It is, as my username suggests, Toa Onepu. I am aware that there are a few parts that are different on each side, such as the axels on the upper leg armor. I fixed most of those errors.

If you have any constructive criticism, I would appriciate it if you leave it in a comment below.


I must ask... why include two clashing purples? The contrast looks funny, with the layering looking funny, what with the silver-on-purple-on-violet-on-black

nice build though

I did try to avoid the use of more than one shade of purple, but there was simply not enough of either color to only use one or the other. I hope to improve that soon.


say, what's his Toa Tool supposed to be?

It is supposed to be an axe with an adjustable shovel-like digging claw on the back.


I don't feel as though it's be useful. The Matoro claw seems abit too blunt. Also why the digging shovel claw? I mean I don't mind having a toa tool be a multipurpose tool, but doesn't it seem odd?


  • I like the body design; it gives it a rather thin, agile appearance
  • The color scheme is pretty consistent with its purple, gunmetal, and black color scheme(besides their being two different types of purple.)
  • I like the Arm design ALOT.
  • The lower legs seem to stick out a little too much with the armor attachments and the upper legs look a little off due to the knobs sticking out of the thigh plate.
  • I feel like you were trying to go with a mining inspired design with the weapon, but I feel like it is a little too spindly.

Overall, a solid 8/10.
Good Job! blush


Well, he's from Onu Koro and their main 'activity' you could say, is mining. So I figured that it would be useful to have if he's helping out the Matoran in the mines.

Well I could see it as a dual purpose tool. Why not just have it double-sided and split into two weapons or something?


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Just trying to help. wink

I appriciate it.

I wanted it to be able to fold inwards so if he is fighting, the shovel wouldn't be in the way of things. I also wanted the axe piece to capture the shape and dimensions of a real axe, rather than having the blade looking sharp. I also wanted it to be a single weapon instead of a larger one and a smaller one, or a large one that breaks down into a smaller one.

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i'd give this topic a read brah :slight_smile:

I reaaaaaaaaally love the use of purple.

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I like it overall,
not a fan of the legs.


How, in your opinion, could I make them better?

Also I have forgotten how to directly quote someone in a comment. Do you know where I could find how to do that?

scrap them
actually, yeah, I just don't like the design, I do like the sort of megaman boot thing it has going on.

just highlight the text you want to quote.

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Excuse me, for I must do this....

[Deeply Inhales]


Sorry, couldn't resist.

very nice, good job with the armoring and colors, but the shoulders have a thin connection but thats just a nitpick

I love it! Looks great! His arms are really weird though, how they're so buff'd, and his legs are so skinny. But it's still good! Have a cookie! No, have a cake! Or, some pizza.