Fists (red) and throw (blue)

After a horrible accident, fists and throw were horribly torn apart and then struck by lightning, the aftermath was a heavy duty hero with two personalities:

Fists, master of offensive battle

And his second personality, his brother:

Throw, master of defensive battle


More pictures, please.


Getting some Sawk/Throh vibes.


Actually more inspired from kirby and inazuma eleven interestingly enough

Wow, I really really like the concept for this and the little function that lets you flip the figure around and get another dude! And for CCBS builds, these are really cool!

I quite like this, a simple MOC that reeks of originality. However, you may want to cover up those exposed ball joint on Fists.

Reminds me of Ribbon’s 00 Gundam.

Pretty cool.


I really like this concept! I would suggest working on Fists chest. Currently, the upside down ccbs chestpiece you used makes him look fat. I would use this piece instead, and maybe cover it up with something. (Not this color, obviously, a red one.

It’s kind of supposed to make him look fat as if he is slouching, also the reason his arms are so low down and throws are so high up.

It doesn’t really achieve that look, and it inhibits articulation. You could also just have it be abnormal chestplate, which would look better as well. Also, the hands for Fist are covered. Try switching them so they are facing sideways rather than forwards/backwards. It would make the MOC look better.