Fjordisk's 2016 Bioformers

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So, here I will be posting images of my Bionicle 2016 Bioformers. I did not copy these I made them up, so no "This is too good for you to create it's a copy" comments to my creations.

First up I have Drill Master Onua, You can also find this in the gallery at, created by user, MasterofChi631.

Sorry, the thing was falling apart while I used my chromebook to take pictures.


Note: If a moc is falling appart, its probably not built very well. :stuck_out_tongue:


I've built transformers before (mostly out of brick, but I did have one technic and CCBS hybrid) so I know how hard it is to get a sturdy good looking transformer. you did great, but I would try to add wheels and beef up Onua

Yeah @BorisTheBiomech Does have a point here. But that is really hard to pull off with a bio-former.

I have made at least three that were pretty sturdy and good looking.

Good work for one of your first bio former (well I'm assuming it's one of your first bio-formers).

I'm going to way over use this ain't?

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Considering its your profile pic, then i assume it is safe to say that yes, you will :stuck_out_tongue:

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I meant the way I folded it up not the actual build of the MOC, and I'm trying to use only parts from The toa and their creature form 2016.

Oh ok. WAIT

Which one of em has that piece? Just wondering, not crticising. Oh ok, thanks! What function does it serve? it seems wierd.

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Don't worry i have more where that came from. that one's just my favorite one.

Well good then it's got a build thatis stable, this is even more fitting them.

Yeah that's a piece on Onua's drill.

Here's Jet Master Kopaka, sorry that it's blurry, my computer camera sucks.


Looks cool. I like it.

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As someone with Bioformer experience (I actually had a thread on one of them a while back), I heavily advice branching out with the pieces you use.

I'm guessing you're trying to go the DrScorpionX route of sticking to the pieces within the set...but quite honestly, you'd be better off using pieces from other sets. At least to add in supports to keep the MOC sturdy.

The plane looks nice though.


These look very nice!

Oh, um well... I only have 2015 and 2016 Bionicle sets, and my MOCs are very sturdy and stable. The pieces that I have in each one or two 2016 sets I use to make Bioformers are very helpful to me. Also, who's DrScorpion X?

@Oniwah Thanks!

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Bioformer guy.

Has a YouTube channel.

You should check him out sometime.

Oh, okay, but I'm doing my own style bioformers, not DrScorpion X's way.


But it's to get a look at how more experienced people operate, just to get a few ideas about how you could improve your own craft.

I just looked at some of his videos, they look pretty good actually.

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